Monday, July 7, 2014

A Goodbye.

I got selected to study Design at IIT Guwahati and I have decided to accept that offer.

I do not think that I can continue writing on this blog any longer (at least not for an audience). Why? These last two years have changed me as a person. The posts from 2-4 years ago, no longer describe me as I am currently.

I want to write again but I can't do it while the previous posts are still available to be viewed. I want to reinvent myself as a person once I reach IIT Guwahati.

I will soon be turning this blog into history. I will use a feature that blogger has that makes it invisible to search engines and makes it go offline.

By doing so, I might be losing the ~200 odd pageviews that I receive daily but they've lost meaning to me. This blog has breached the 100,000 mark very recently. They are mostly just people getting redirected from google to my list of teenage blogs. That appears to be the only noticeable fallout from me removing this blog from the internet. I am still no closer to completing what I promised about that list but rest assured, it will happen some day.

So, that's a goodbye from me folks.

Until next time,