Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The things I should have but didn't (in JEE Mains)


That is the link to my JEE mains question paper and my answers. Why am I posting it here? I am so pissed off at myself at the mistakes I've made that I can think of no better way to stop thinking about them than posting them here.


Look at Physics #3.
I am not an idiot. How on Earth can the rotation period of Earth be greater than the revolution period? I distinctly remember noting that and then eliminating some of the options before using the fact that light waves travel way faster than sound waves to get the correct option (3) during the exam. But, here I come and it says that I marked the fourth option. That's five marks I lost for less than NOTHING.

Look at Physics #4.
I know, from chemistry, that diamagnetic means a substance that does not allow magnetic field to be present inside it and I also gave the topic of diamagnetism and paramagnetism from my IPE textbook a few days before the actual exam after finding a question on that topic in one of the earlier papers. The explanation as to why I kept Bs = -B could be that I mistook the question to be asking what the field produced by the super-conductor would be. That's an inexcusable mistake. That's five marks I lost.

Look at Physics #5
I didn't know the conversion that 10 Poise equalled 1 N/m^2 at the time. What makes me angry that I missed this question is that, a friend of mine mentioned it during class a few weeks before the exam and I took no notice of it. That's 5 marks lost.

Look at Physics #10
>.< I swear I did this question. If you looked at the rough sheets I used during the examination, you will find this question in there. I have no idea why it shows that I didn't mark it 0.8 as the correct option. That's 4 marks I should have gotten.

Look at Physics #12
I did it during the exam and got 12.5 (and so did a friend of mine) but later, after the exam, when I did it, I got the answer to be 7.5. That's inexcusable again. 5 marks I lost for NOTHING.

Look at Physics #29
There's absolutely nothing to do in this problem. All I had to do was make 3/2*k*t equal mgh. I remember writing that down in the rought sheets but I didn't substitute 273 for T. I remember feeling freaked out after I noticed that the equation I got didn't contain the 'then looked' crazy values like 546 or 819 which, after the exam, I realized were simply the multiples of 273. This was another unacceptable mistake. 4 marks I didn't gain.

That's a total of 28 marks that I should have otherwise gotten. Note how I didn't mention #2 (Although I 'knew' the things needed to do that, I couldn't because I didn't really fully understand that. So, it's a reasonable mistake.) or #8 or #11 (I disregarded the second arm which is something I shouldn't have done but then, it's okay. It was entirely avoidable but I'm not very accurate always. Understandable) or #21 (Which I could have done had I been given 6-8 minutes)  or #27.

See? That's why I'm so pissed off at myself. That's 28 marks I should have gotten but didn't.

And that's just in Physics.


Look at Chemistry #18
I distinctly remember knowing during the exam that propionic acid was the answer. I even remember marking it but >.< according to the link, I didn't mark it as the answer. I... don't know who to be pissed off at. This question is rather trivial. The three chlorines will be replaced by three hydroxyls initially but then dehydration will take place and H2O will be eliminated giving a carboxylic acid. PIECE OF CAKE. That's 4 marks I SHOULD HAVE gained.

Look at Chemistry #29
Getting this question incorrect was rather unfortunate. Any other day of the week and I would have gotten it correct. This was such a silly question. During the exam, I got Carbon's Oxidation state in C2O4(2-) to be +5. I knew that was weird then and there but then, I subdued that feeling. Gah!

That's 9 marks I should have gotten.

Note how I didn't mention #14 (Where my didn't register the 'per atom' properly. Otherwise, I would have gotten that correct) or #9 (Where I was almost going to mark methyl alcohol but then, my too-smart(sarcastically) brain asked the question 'N2 jaayga par -OH kaha se aayga? and bam. I wrote diazomethane. Aah.)


Look at #2
It was SIMPLE L'hospital's rule problem. All I had to do was derivate the numerator and the denominator properly (and realize that sin(pi - x) = sinx but then I did realize that during the exam and that lim sinx/x tends to 1 as x tends to zero which again, I knew during the exam) and I fudged up at that. I didn't consider the extra 2 I should have gotten in the denominator for differentiating the square root. That's 5 marks I lost for NOTHING.

Look at #14
I swore I attempted this. If you'd look at the rough sheets I used, you'd find the graphs of the two functions and the answer beside them. I have no idea why the computer didn't register my answer. This is a trivial problem for anyone who knows a little bit of math and I am sure I have learned more than a little bit of math in the last two years. That's 4 marks I SHOULD HAVE gotten.

So that's 9 marks I should have gotten apart from say (#28 or #22 or #7 which were doable problems but they aren't counted here as they could have gone either way)

In total, that's 46 marks that I should have otherwise gotten. Add that to the ~204 I'm getting now and that's a 250 (at the minimum as I didn't mention a lot of other problems that I could have done had the time been on my side).

 So, that's why I'm pissed. I got 46 marks less than what somebody who knows the amount of subject that I do should get and 46 marks I lost for absolutely NO REASONABLE REASON.

What bothers me isn't that I got a ~200 [I mean, it's obviously clear from the post above that I KNOW that I was capable of reaching a 250 (or say a 240)] but that I kind of let down the people around me. Getting a ~72 in math instead of say something above 80 is an insult to the amount of Math I've done over the past two years and getting a ~40 in Physics is heart-piercing after all the practice I've done over the last one year. I mean, I wanted to get a ~80/90 in both of those subjects to at least have a quantitative proof that I've done/learnt some decent Physics/Math over the past two years but that opportunity was taken away from me by me. And that pisses me off immensely. Sure, even with a 250, I perhaps couldn't have gotten into say the IISc but still, a 250 would have been a reasonable score. Instead, I end up with a <200.

Phew. It feels good to have posted all the questions I could have gotten correct but didn't here because, anybody who knows a decent bit of Physics/Math could look at the problems I've done incorrectly and think/say 'This guy is an idiot. He did the other problems correctly but stumbled here.' and perhaps 'agree with me' when I say that those were 46 marks I should have gotten. Why is this small, I'm not sure.

But the fact remains that I didn't. I lost out on those 46 marks and ended up with a sub-par score. Not much I can do about it now other than 'accept' it and move on to the JEE Advanced.

The JEE advanced is a whole different ball-game. One for which I'll have to work hard and smart to do well. I totally plan on putting in the required effort over the next few weeks to see through it. I will need luck too.

Until next time,


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