Sunday, April 13, 2014

I was lying in my bed with my eyes closed and a towel over them when I heard it. A long 2-3 second whine/yelp/cry. It took a second before my mind registered that the sound was not being made by Dingo. If it was not Dingo, it was JOHNNY. I got up from my bed in a split second and rushed towards the grill room as quickly as I could. I saw her lying there along with a pool of blood slightly away from her head containing a solidified thing that looked like some internal organ. I sat down right beside it near her head. She was not moving. My brother arrived a half-second later. I told him "Poi mummy, daddy ki chepu." and he rushed out to inform them. He came back quickly followed by my parents. All this while, Johnny had not moved it's head. It's eyes were open, it's body still as a log. I looked at it's stomach, the rhythmic contractions and expansions that indicate breathing were no longer there. It had died. My died sat across it and beside me. He nudged its head saying "Johnny. Johnny". No response. It had died. He stopped doing it after it became apparent that it was not going to respond. I simply continued to stroke her head.


April 2nd, 2014

"Veeru." I heard as I opened my eyes. "Johnny ki accident ayindi. Daani kaalu iriginattundi, bleed aitundi." I got up as quickly as I could and rushed out. I saw my dad sitting on the ground with Johnny in front of him. I looked around and saw drops of blood here and there strewn all over. I sat down right beside it and began stroking its head slowly letting it know that I was there. My dad had tied a cloth around the area from where it was bleeding but the area was wet and it was continuing to bleed... It got up and changed it's position into a more comfortable one (for us and it) a metre away. I sat down right beside it and continued stroking it's head while my dad sprinkled pasupu over the wounded area for the blood to stop flowing. It was around 6:30 in the morning. The veterinary clinic near my house wouldn't open till 8. I sat down beside it for another 45minutes to an hour. I thought it was going to die. It didn't. We took it to the hospital near our house in the car at eight but the assistant didn't arrive until half past eight and he then suggested us to take it to another better hospital in Narayanguda, around 30 minutes from our home. We did just that ( but not before glcubf vewkdlar. sls.)

There on the prescription, the doctor wrote "RTA... Minorly." That gave me a sense of relief. Up until then I was under the impression that Johnny was going to die but seeing that minorly written there made me realize that it may not be as bad as I thought it would be. Johnny might live after all.


It's eyes were open and unblinking. That's when I saw one of its hind leg move by a bit. It was still alive, for a few more seconds I thought. As I continued to stroke its head, it's legs started shaking relatively more violently and even it's front legs. It  then started moving it's eyes. They continually moved left to up, left to up for a few seconds more.

It had risen from the dead. Johnny was alive once again.

My brother arrived with some tulasi leaves that we dipped into it's bowl of water and I placed one leaf in its mouth after my mother told me to. Customary practice.

We were all waiting for life to ebb out of it but it didn't. Johnny continued to breathe and blink.

<2 hours later>

Johnny is still alive. It's out there on a rather soft mattress spending it's last minutes staring out into the dark. Still living. For how long, I don't know. I wonder why it had to come back from the dead. I went out there a few minutes ago to stroke it's head and it wagged it's tail on recognizing me.

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