Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random update

I’m finally done with the SAT. Wrote it 2 days ago and I really hope that I did well enough to avoid writing it again. It’s not that I loathe reading passages and answering questions based on them but they sometimes feel too easy and I’d rather be doing something more challenging.

Now, I believe, I have to shift my focus to the impending boards.

Yesterday, while watching "The Avengers" on Star Movies for the first time, I came across the following scene.

Tony Stark walks in while the Avengers are talking about some weapon that Loki’s planning on using. He then starts talking very technically about it, obviously potraying a deep knowledge of the subject. That’s when Natasha Romanoff, I believe, asks “When did you become an expert in Thermonuclear Astrophysics?” Stark replies “Yesterday night.”

For reasons unknown, that ‘quote’ just refuses to get out of my mind. It blows my mind every time I think about it…

Anyway, I’m feeling sleepy.

Until next time,

Monday, January 21, 2013

The last 8 days

I remember the afternoon of Saturday, Jan 12th vividly. I was in the classroom chattering with my friends after a boring morning in which I didn’t learn much. I spotted a silhouette on the extreme right side of my vision and then hushed up the guy I was talking to by saying “Shh..Sir, Sir, Sir.” A few seconds later, sure enough, our mathematics sir walked up to the black board, wished all of us good morning and started the class. I remember the silent groan that I gave loathing another period before they left us. 50 minutes later, the sir walked out and the chatter resumed. I was waiting expectantly for somebody to walk in and tell us that the college had ended and that we were free to leave. A few minutes later, that was what happened. Half the class stood up instantly as soon as Sir uttered those words and I think I spotted an amused smile on his face.  
I felt free after a long time. There was no math worksheet pending after coming home, no test the next day which I hadn’t prepared for,  no lesson in chemistry that I was supposed to read and come.  It was an entire week free from deadlines.  It felt good.

A week and 2 days later, here I am.  It’s 17 minutes past midnight and in about 8 hours, college will have resumed.

How did the past one week go?

The rest of this post will answer that question.

I spent the first four days of the holidays at my cousin’s house flying kites. I went there ASAP after college and spent the next four days flying kites ~8 hours a day and the remaining time watching Telugu movies with a horrendous amount of advertisement breaks, downloading things I’ve always wanted on the god-like 1mbps download speed, playing Civilization IV: Colonization, surfing reddit and very rarely solving math worksheets. 

Going to my cousin’s house for Sankranti (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makar_Sankranti) and flying kites has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. His house is situated in a neighbourhood near Charminar and a humongous amount of people fly kites there when compared to my locality’s kite-flying density.  I, like always, had a great time flying kites! It did get monotonous at the end of four days but I loved it. It was my best Sankranti in terms of the number of kites that I cut individually (~25) It felt different not being in my house/room. The atmosphere. It made me appreciate the atmosphere of my room more J. We marked the end of the Sankranti ’13 by flying this huge 2-pound black colored kite (that fell on our roof-top) and giving as much ‘dheel’ as we could. We exhausted all the ‘saadhi’, all my manja plus every last inch of thread we had left. It went so far that when an aeroplane passed beside it, it felt like they were at the same height! It persisted for an extremely long amount of time considering that the kite-flying was normal. People were challenging one another and fights were all running and yet our kite persisted as the thread was at the perfect place, going exactly in between a couple of trees. In the end, some idiotic dumbass guy wantedly flew his kite right through our thread cutting it. I followed it closely until it disappeared off the horizon which was also incidentally when the night was almost nigh.

I returned to my room sweet room on the night of 15th January with a feeling that I’ve had excess fun. My mom asked me “So..You had fun?” and I replied “Yeah. A lot of fun. More than necessary.” And she was like “Ooh. Really?”

The next day, I installed Civilization 3 on my laptop and played for 4 hours 44 minutes and 25 seconds straight. X_X I felt like crap after that marathon gaming session, mildly disgusted at myself and promised to make up for it. I can’t remember if I did.

For the next few days until yesterday, I balanced studying for the SAT, studying French and playing AoE or Civ. It was hard, I’ll give you that. I did manage to get a lot of SAT practice done though.

Yesterday(Saturday..), I spent the entire morning trying to play a single full game of AoE or Dota on Gameranger but the stupid internet kept disconnecting  ~15 minutes into the game. After it happened several times, I got disgusted and quit trying. 2 days later, the internet is still no better. Anyway, that afternoon, I met up with my school mates and played 3 sets of volleyball against some random opponents at a ground in Khairtabad. It was fun playing volleyball after a long time! The pain I feel while sitting and standing now are temporary scars of the stretching I did on the field that day and I feel good whenever I feel them :P After playing there, I visited GRK gaming centre in Himayath Nagar and spent ~3 hours gaming. Played a game of Fifa ’09 with a friend, checked out some other games and 2 games of Dota2! While there, I saw – in flesh – a guy who has played over 1471 hours of dota2. Yes, you read that right, 1471 hours! I had to fight hard to stop my jaw from falling wide open as I saw that piece of information. I wanted to talk with him desperately and ask him some questions to satiate my curiosity (I might write them down here some other day) but he had ear-phones in his ears, was chatting with somebody and seemed to prefer himself so I just let him be. Did I mention that he has an American accent? A month ago, on my first trip to GRK, I was redirected to a computer that turned out to be ‘his’. He asked me “Sir, when will you be leaving? That’s my system.” I was stunned for a second to hear an American accent from an Indian looking guy but recovered soon and told him that I’ll leave as soon as I finish the game. If I ever get a chance, I’d love to talk with him! I came home at ~9:30pm and fought hard to spend ~2 and a half hours on practicing for the SAT!

Today, (yesterday, I mean) I spent most of my time practicing for the SAT. Solved a boatload of problems, learned a lot of new words and my-my nobody told me the SAT would be so.. difficult!

Anyway, I loved the last 8 days and I feel extremely reluctant to get back to college but hey, it’s got to happen someday. I sincerely hope that the experiences I had in the past 8 days will help me with balancing my life and doing well in college (something that isn’t very frequent nowadays. Sigh.)

The SAT is in 6 days and I’m looking forward to getting done with it. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time preparing for it and while I don’t feel I’m at the top of my game, I think I’ve had enough. I’ve got college to focus on and the SAT doesn’t really allow me to do so.

The pre-finals – 1 are starting today. English is the first one so I’m pretty relaxed but they’ll soon grow uncontrollably out of control. I just hope I can manage practicing for the SAT and studying for the pre-final. That’d mean no wastage of time!

AM, over the next 5 days, I am going to work at my highest potential with maximum efficiency that I can manage. Please call all my grey-cells and tell them to be ready at the slightest notice. NOW.

That’s all for now.

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Goals for 2013

I haven't written a review of 2012 this year but I'm going to list out all the goals in several spheres of life that I hope to achieve in 2013. Some of them might seem silly to you but hey, they're my goals!

Anyway,  in no particular order they are -

Academic Goals
-          Ace the XI board exams by getting a >93%
-          A 2300 on the SAT (It’s in 26 days!)
-          A 2400 on the SAT Subject tests
-          Clear the cut-off for NSEP and NSEC
-          Get >85% in at least 70% of the tests conducted in the college
-          Top the class by a margin of 30 marks in at least 50% of the grand tests.
-          Solve every problem in Irodov from all the chapters completed until now.
-          Solve 90% of all worksheets given in College

Social Goals
-          Hang out with friends at least 8 times in the entire year.
-          Stay in touch with people I’ve known.
-          Visit friends at their places at least 6 times. (5 times remaining)

Health Goals
-          Gain 8 kilos by the end of the year
-          Run for at least 13 hours in the entire year.
-          Be able to complete at least 8 push-ups continuously.

Activity Goals
-          Post consistently on my blog. At least 13 ‘big’ posts.
-          ~10 hours of Dota 2 and an equivalent number of ‘multiplayer’ gaming hours
-          Read ~36 books (200 pages minimum)
-          Give 3 presentations
-          Go through 3 photoshop tutorials.

Self-Education Goals
-          Master French on Duolingo
-          Finish ~3 online courses
-          Read a lot of popular Science books and note stuff down in my blog
-          Don’t stop there.

Miscellaneous Goals
-          Achieve a speed of ~80 wpm with the ‘actual’ way of typing
-          Plant a tree and tend to it for the entire year.
-          Catalogue 50 dreams.
-          Make a difference in somebody’s life.

That is a pretty comprehensive list and I’m sure I will achieve every single one of them. I feel invincible right now. I hope this feeling stays throughout the next 365 days.

It’s the First of January here in India, folks. Happy New Year to you, wherever you’re from! Hope this year is your best one yet!