Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Goals for 2013

I haven't written a review of 2012 this year but I'm going to list out all the goals in several spheres of life that I hope to achieve in 2013. Some of them might seem silly to you but hey, they're my goals!

Anyway,  in no particular order they are -

Academic Goals
-          Ace the XI board exams by getting a >93%
-          A 2300 on the SAT (It’s in 26 days!)
-          A 2400 on the SAT Subject tests
-          Clear the cut-off for NSEP and NSEC
-          Get >85% in at least 70% of the tests conducted in the college
-          Top the class by a margin of 30 marks in at least 50% of the grand tests.
-          Solve every problem in Irodov from all the chapters completed until now.
-          Solve 90% of all worksheets given in College

Social Goals
-          Hang out with friends at least 8 times in the entire year.
-          Stay in touch with people I’ve known.
-          Visit friends at their places at least 6 times. (5 times remaining)

Health Goals
-          Gain 8 kilos by the end of the year
-          Run for at least 13 hours in the entire year.
-          Be able to complete at least 8 push-ups continuously.

Activity Goals
-          Post consistently on my blog. At least 13 ‘big’ posts.
-          ~10 hours of Dota 2 and an equivalent number of ‘multiplayer’ gaming hours
-          Read ~36 books (200 pages minimum)
-          Give 3 presentations
-          Go through 3 photoshop tutorials.

Self-Education Goals
-          Master French on Duolingo
-          Finish ~3 online courses
-          Read a lot of popular Science books and note stuff down in my blog
-          Don’t stop there.

Miscellaneous Goals
-          Achieve a speed of ~80 wpm with the ‘actual’ way of typing
-          Plant a tree and tend to it for the entire year.
-          Catalogue 50 dreams.
-          Make a difference in somebody’s life.

That is a pretty comprehensive list and I’m sure I will achieve every single one of them. I feel invincible right now. I hope this feeling stays throughout the next 365 days.

It’s the First of January here in India, folks. Happy New Year to you, wherever you’re from! Hope this year is your best one yet!


  1. Good luck with all your goals! To be honest I am shocking at managing to keep track of what I am doing due to my complete lack of willpower etc.

  2. Happy new year, adarsh! Hopefully you achieve all of your goals:D

  3. @A Girl : Thanks!

    @BhadrAwr :Happy New year to you as well!