Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something Else *yawn*

A lot of things have happened since the last time I’ve posted here. To name the ones that stand out –

-          The President of India walked within 5 metres of me. I could’ve tackled him or thrown my shoe at him and it’d have hit him point-blank.
-          Travelled to Delhi in a train alone.
-          My iPod is on its death-bed.
-          I got a new phone. A hTC Smart (originally called hTC Rome)
-          Got a 8/70 in a test at college.

That’s about everything I can remember right now.

Where do I begin? I’m gonna tell you all a story.

November 18th, 2012.
Infront of the Nampally railway station.
Hyderabad, India.

Walking towards the entrance, I looked back to notice how precariously my father had parked the car beside another car and sighed hoping that he’d be able to drive it out of that tight spot. Climbing up the stairs, I looked around myself and was greeted by the usual faces you’d see in any railway station. My father motioned me to wait for him as he went to buy a platform ticket. I nodded and my eyes followed him as he made his way to the line. It was serpentine. “It’s going to take quite some time.” I sighed and looked away at the screen which displayed the name, number and the platform number of the trains that were scheduled to arrive in the next 2 hours. It took me little less than 30 seconds to seek out the platform number that I was supposed to report to. I looked at my dad too see if he was any closer to buying a ticket. I sighed after observing no progress. I looked around myself and saw a group of people sitting on the ground. Possibly a big family going home after a trip somewhere I presumed. There was a security guard at the entrance and few people staring at the display screen just like I was a few seconds ago. As I was lost in thought, I heard a rumbling sound behind me and instinctively moved aside. A porter was transporting an empty trolley. I was well outside it’s range but another man wasn’t. He quickly moved aside and I looked at the trolley with a fascinated gaze because just a few months ago, I’d watched a video on a differential and how it helped cars turn.

A chirp broke my train of thought and I looked around surprised because a railway station was the last place I’d expect to hear a bird chirp. After turning a full 360 degrees but still unable to find the source of the chirp, I looked up to find 4-5 sparrows circling the dome above. 3 of them in one direction while the other 2 in another. I looked at them surprised because they kept flying in circles and broke into a smile which I quickly subdued because  I didn’t want people to think I was crazy so soon. Those sparrows circling around the dome reminded me of similar behavior by a flock of pigeons near my house. One day, I’d gone up to the terrace to find a flock of about 20 birds circling around my building as a single unit without any purpose. I immediately went and reported this incident to my grandma. She told me that they do it everyday and that piqued my curiosity even further. I even thought “Hey, this is so weird. I think I should report it online.” But that was as far as I went.

I noticed my dad coming after purchasing the platform ticket and stopped this train thought. We walked together into the entrance and the one thing I noticed immediately after entering was the imposing presence of a policeman with a rifle. I looked at it with a curious gaze trying to identify it but he turned away and I had to keep walking. As we made our way to the nearest foot-over-rail to get to the adjacent platform, I noticed that the  black night sky had turned into a deep tint of blue. “It’s dawning.” I thought as I accompanied my father to a nearby stall where our order for a cup of coffee was left dangling in the air owing to a shortage in stock of coffee powder.

        As we made our way over the rails, I noticed a train and asked my dad if that was the A.P express. He replied in the affirmative and I was glad to know that because that meant I could immediately go into the train and occupy my berth.

“S9 64” I kept thinking in my mind as we walked towards the bogie in which I was going to be travelling. “S13 S12 S11 S10…” I counted and ended with a “S9. There it is.”

It’s 802 words already and my journey hasn’t even begun. Lol.

It’s 10:58 Pm already and I think I should go to bed now. I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow because that’s the only way I’ll get to read “Agent 6” by Tom Rob Smith.

Hopefully, I’ll continue this some other day.

Until next time,

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