Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I've been upto - 1

It’s been a while since I last wrote something substantial here, 17 days to be precise. It’s Saturday night and I thought that today would a nice day to break that brief hiatus. What follows will be stuff that I’ve been up to since the last time I was here.

For those who don’t know what it is, it is basically an ‘online university’ that aims to give self-learners from around the world, a chance to improve their education and learn something from the best teachers. Their course offerings are currently are limited to - Computer Science, Statistics, Physics and Cryptography. I have fun learning so, I thought why not take some of these classes.

                The first Udacity class that I took was Physics 101 : Introduction to Physics. I finished that class with highest distinction in little over a week. It largely consisted of problems that I had already encountered previously and the ones  that I did not know, I watched the videos to learn what I was supposed to be doing. It wasn’t very challenging but I liked the way the course was structured and did learn some new things.

                I’m currently taking CS101: Introduction to Computer Science and CS253: Making Web Applications – How to build a blog. I’ve been stuck on the last problem of Unit 3 in CS101 for the past 1 and a half week. I’m hoping to complete it in a day or two. These courses aren’t what I would call ‘easy’. I’m having fun though. I’ve set myself a goal of completing CS101 and 75% of CS253 over the next one month. Let’s see how far I go.

                I’ve also registered for a Course in Gamification on Coursera. I hope it won’t be too hard trying to balance these courses and school!

College(I mean school)

While I’m not exactly flunking the tests, I’m not doing very great either. That’s going to change soon anyhow. I’ve got a Chem IIT test on atomic structure this Monday. Since it’ll be the first such test in Chemistry, might as well study and top the class :P #Challenge accepted.

By the way, I’ll be giving a presentation on the Pascal’s triangle this teacher’s day and perhaps one on Schrodinger’s cat.


I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of reading of late. However, I’ve just 4 books in the past 17 days. Okay, drop that ‘just’. Considering the fact that I’m preparing for IIT, 4 books in 17 days is a luxury. However, I don’t mind that luxury. It feeds my soul.

Anyway, since I was last here, I read the following books ->

How to destroy the Unvierse and 34 other really interesting uses of Physics : <something> Parsons

The Big Questions : Physics

Shall We Tell The President – Jeffrey Archer

Sean Covey’s The 7 habits of highly effective teenagers

And am in the process of reading The Quantum Story by Jim Baggot.

I liked all of them but the Jeffrey Archer novel took the cherry. It had been quite a while since I’d read Archer and he was at his best yet again. Also, I found the Sean Covey’s book to be pretty interesting. I’m going to read it once again.

Other random stuff
It’s exactly one year since I stumbled upon MIT. I haven’t done much in the past one year but it doesn’t seem to matter a lot to me now. I don’t know. I feel nothing. That deep desire to get into MIT has kind of faded with the passage of time. I still want to go to MIT but just not as bad as I did then. Maybe not getting into MUWCI has taught me something. MIT is no longer the reason I do stuff and that, I think, is a good thing. Anyway, I’ve recently drawn out a rough outline of what I’ll be doing over the next 1 and a half years. Deep down, I know it might not be enough but, I feel surprisingly good. It’s an eerie feeling.

Wow, it took me close to 30 minutes to type down just 650+ words. I used to be able to write a lot faster. I guess that’s the side effect of taking a hiatus from writing.

And did you know that – “A frog when put into boiling water jumps out immediately. But if the frog is kept in a bowl with lukewarm water and the bowl is heated. It will get cooked to death.”

Until next time,


  1. The 7 habits of highly effective teenagers was good, but somehow I forgot all it's points immediately after I finished reading it.

  2. .....Come to think of it, I don't seem remember any of them now. :P