Sunday, August 5, 2012

It just isn't possible to keep your entire heart into something that you just don't believe in. The IITs are one such thing for me. I know I'm making a bold statement but it isn't one that came off on a whim. For 3 and a half years I knew that this moment would come. It is what my subconscious believes in and I believe my subconscious. It is the culmination of a mentally tiring talk that I've just had with myself.  My mouth is aching right this moment as though pleading for me to say something but no, it doesn't get a say in it. It has spoken long enough. There is no going back. 


  1. Does that mean you're not going to try for the IITs?

    1. I was vague I guess. No, I don't mean that I'm not going to try for the IIT's.

      And yeah, nice blog you have there.