Sunday, July 1, 2012

This is what happens when you're exhausted but refuse to sleep

As I felt a searing pain on my left foot, I blinked my eyes open and got up. I was on my bed. The tube-light was switched on. I looked outside the window and saw that it was dark outside. I had no recollection of where I had been before I fell asleep and why was the light open? I presumed that my brother had woken up and switched on the light. But I saw no signs of him. It wasn't like him to leave the light switched on. I extended my right hand and clutched my iPod. I pressed the home button and the screen lit open. It read "4:32 AM" and I thought "It's morning all right but why is the light open and why am I not covered in my blanket?" My blanket was not on me. That was unusual. I always slept with the blanket over me.  That's when the light bulb inside my head lit itself. It wasn't my brother who had switched the light open nor was I in some parallel universe. But I had to be sure. I looked to the right of my bed and saw what I was looking for. A novel named "Child 44" It was lying on the ground in a disheveled state. I thought "Crap. Crap." and instantly lifted it up and kept it on the desk beside my bed. That's when I realized what really happened. I fell asleep from exhaustion the previous night. The last thing that I was doing was reading that novel. My mind protested but I didn't listen to it. Then my mind put it's foot down and initiated a hard shutdown. I fell asleep without even keeping the book aside and forgot to switch the light off and didn't even cover myself with a blanket. 

"Mystery solved", I thought but my mind wouldn't have any of it. I fell back on my bed, this time I covered myself with a blanket, switched off the light and kept the book on the table and sleep engulfed me within seconds.

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