Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some observations after sitting in the last bench at college

Note : This was originally a facebook status that I had updated on June 11th. And yeah, my status updates are sometimes humongous like this.

Sat in the last bench at college today. (More like 'I had to' because I'd come late.)

Some observations...

#1 - The board is very much visible and I don't have to squint unless an extremely stingy teacher comes and writes in small on all available space on the board. The voice of the teacher is pretty audible and not as low as I thought it would be.

#2 - Nothings better than having a full wall to rest your back on

#3 - It feels annoying to have the teachers keep telling "Backbenchers, do you follow?" every now and then. I mean, it's like they are lecturing only to the front benches.

#4 - I also presume that the lecturers think that the last benchers are 'disrespective' to them. And I hate how they presume that. I lifted my hand to ask a question and the lecturer saw it but didn't say anything. I presume that he thought I was stretching my hand. It wasn't until I stood up and yelled "Siir." that he gave me attention.

#5 - Last benchers are actually pretty cool people (Not that I didn't know it before. I myself sat in the last bench in school. But that was in a row of 3 so, I guess that doesn't count) and so much more talk takes place in between lectures.

#6 - Most of the questions get asked to the students in the front. That means less questions to us.

#7 - Whenever the teacher enters the class, he notices the people on the front because the last benches are kind of back and that means that he's more likely to 'scold' them(the first benchers and the middle benchers) for making noise.

#8 - The white of our eyes isn't explicitly visible to the lecturer and that means we can scan the entire room with our eyes moving but head towards the lecturer and he won't even notice our eyeballs moving.

#9 - The attendance sheet kind of comes to us after one full row. So, if I notice in which order they wrote their names, I can spend a few extra seconds at the attendance sheet trying to figure out the names of people without even asking them.

#10 - This is probably getting too looooong...TG that facebook doesn't have a word limit for status updates....

Ah well, some pretty interesting observations right there. I probably could get used to the last benches but I'll go back to my original position in the 5th bench beside the window. I love natural light too much to be away from it for too long :P I'll keep coming back to the last benches though..


By the way, my steam account received a Dota2 beta key. Can't wait until I play it!

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