Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random ramblings - 6

Usually, when I don’t have anything specific to write on, I spend 10-15 minutes aimlessly staring at my keyboard going through the things that have recently happened to see if there’s anything worth writing about. I open chrome and go through my own old posts, desperately hunting for something to write on. But now, I don’t have 15 minutes to spare for aimlessly wondering, so I just decided to start.

                This past week was largely uneventful. Okay, that isn’t true. It is only on rare occasions that I go through 7 days without having some sort of an adventure or a memorable day. The previous week was no different. However, I’m afraid of the future repercussions if I write what I was up to, so I’ll just pass. No, you know what, I’ll write it in a code so that the future me can decipher it, lest I forget. (Ebubbubf ldrwe rlub xierwat id fglbu, bwzr slt alnw rgubf vyr rgua runw xierwat id geuslt.)

                Also, I’m finding myself getting addicted to Sudoku and I’m getting people around me addicted to it. I play it in breaks, while waiting for the train in the station and my friends also play along. I think the day’s not far when I’ll get so addicted that I won’t be able to sleep because my mind will be so active from trying to decipher the puzzle that it won’t let me rest. It has happened before and I fear it will happen again. As for the SAT essays that I was writing last week, well, after the horrendous first try, the rest were not so bad. I haven’t been practicing them though :/ I am in need of practice!

                Also, I’ve kinda grown a liking to finance. I’m watching a video on finance/economics on the Khan Academy every day while having my dinner and it’s definitely interesting! Learning a lot of new stuff.

                 This feels odd, writing sentences which have no visible relation between them. I usually write sentences that lead from one to another but I guess today’s not one of those days.

                I’m currently reading “The Edge of Physics” by Anil Ananthaswamy and “The Secret Pilgrim” by John Le Carre parallely(is that the correct word or should ‘simultaneously’ have come there?). I’m finding the former pretty interesting but the latter isn’t really my cup of tea. I mean, I like novels which have a single story and are inter-related. In that novel, there is this spy called George Smiley (and some other guy called Ned) who recollect some stories. It did say that on the gist at the back but I wasn’t paying much heed when I took it from the library. If you’re on Good reads, do add me ->

                I recently bought Resnick and Halliday, 6th edition. Damn, it’s fat. It does have some interesting problems but I’m finding it hard to manage all of my subjects at once. It’s like I’m spending all of my time on Physics, a subject that I’m technically already ‘good’ at leaving ‘chem’ and ‘math’, which I’m not particularly fond of, behind. Ah, I know I’m doing it wrong but I just can’t get myself to change. Also, lol, I got the highest mark, 23 on 30 in math, in a test that was conducted a few weeks back. I totally wasn’t expecting it :P

Anyway, it’s 9 minutes to 9 now and I think I’ve made this post boring enough already.

Until next time,