Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finally a Sunday when I did something interesting

The above  pictures are self-explanatory, aren't they? 

Teenagers despise it when people enter their rooms and don't close the door completely while going!

Well, my room has a curtain as a substitute for the door since eternity.  (Technically, it does have a door but I've barricaded it with an almirah full of books).

I don't like it one bit when my parents or my brother enter my room and then exit it without closing it properly. It just simply bugs me. Every time someone leaves my room, I give out a shout "Close it!" It worked all right for some while. I thought that if I said it enough times, they'd get used to it automatically. But after an year of doing that, I feel like they won't get used to it even if another 100 years pass. Also, of late, my brother has become... Even when I yell 'CLOSE IT!!' He closes it like 95%and the other 5% bugs me.

This morning, when the power-cut was in effect, I was on my desk with Resnick and Halliday in front of me. Then I looked to my right and saw that the curtain was 7% open. I thought "OKAY. That's it. I'm going to do something about it, right now!" (It was a valid reason for postponing studying as well :P )

Of late, an idea was forming in my mind where I'd install something that would pull back the curtain whenever it was open. I pondered for a while and the idea of using an elastic rubber-band came into my mind. One thing led to another and 15 minutes later, I'd finished it.

Sorry about the blur, the lighting wasn't enough  I guess.  Anyway, what that photo shows is my solution to curtail the curtain problem. I tied a piece of rope onto the string which supported the curtain and added a rubber band into it. That's what is there on the right. I then bored a hole into the curtain using the kitchen knife. I was surprised as to how easy it was. I was expecting more resistance. Then, I found a cut lan cable. I sent it through the hole and then attached the string to it. I repeated the same thing on the left side of the curtain and et voila! It was over. It's been on since morning and I haven't had to get up to correct it even once. I think it'll need some maintenance down the road but it's ok.

If you are wondering, no this wasn't the first time that I tried to solve this problem. I had a few tries before which include - Sticking the entire thing using transparent duct-tape to the wall. It was a failed try, the tape wasn't strong enough to hold the weight of the curtain and it looked ugly. You can see the remnants of that try in the second picture. And another try included me trying to tape the curtain to the string that supported it. The tape wasn't strong enough.

After looking at the finished product, I wondered as to why I hadn't thought of it before. I simply had no answer. However, I think that the idea of using a rubber-band coming to me now has something to do with the fact that we're learning 'tension in a string' at college. o.O

Ah whatever, I've accompanied this post with enough text already so...

Until next time,


(PS : Yeah, this was  the most eventful Sunday in a long time.)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What happened that made me post something in the middle of the week, you ask? (Is that even a proper question/sentence?)

I flunked two tests.

Both in Chemistry, the subject that I was finally beginning to like.  (Word tells me that the sentence isn’t properly structured. Can’t find anything wrong in it, can you?)

That’s all I wanted to say…. This is my shortest blog entry in quite some time.

Anyway, until next time.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random ramblings - 6

Usually, when I don’t have anything specific to write on, I spend 10-15 minutes aimlessly staring at my keyboard going through the things that have recently happened to see if there’s anything worth writing about. I open chrome and go through my own old posts, desperately hunting for something to write on. But now, I don’t have 15 minutes to spare for aimlessly wondering, so I just decided to start.

                This past week was largely uneventful. Okay, that isn’t true. It is only on rare occasions that I go through 7 days without having some sort of an adventure or a memorable day. The previous week was no different. However, I’m afraid of the future repercussions if I write what I was up to, so I’ll just pass. No, you know what, I’ll write it in a code so that the future me can decipher it, lest I forget. (Ebubbubf ldrwe rlub xierwat id fglbu, bwzr slt alnw rgubf vyr rgua runw xierwat id geuslt.)

                Also, I’m finding myself getting addicted to Sudoku and I’m getting people around me addicted to it. I play it in breaks, while waiting for the train in the station and my friends also play along. I think the day’s not far when I’ll get so addicted that I won’t be able to sleep because my mind will be so active from trying to decipher the puzzle that it won’t let me rest. It has happened before and I fear it will happen again. As for the SAT essays that I was writing last week, well, after the horrendous first try, the rest were not so bad. I haven’t been practicing them though :/ I am in need of practice!

                Also, I’ve kinda grown a liking to finance. I’m watching a video on finance/economics on the Khan Academy every day while having my dinner and it’s definitely interesting! Learning a lot of new stuff.

                 This feels odd, writing sentences which have no visible relation between them. I usually write sentences that lead from one to another but I guess today’s not one of those days.

                I’m currently reading “The Edge of Physics” by Anil Ananthaswamy and “The Secret Pilgrim” by John Le Carre parallely(is that the correct word or should ‘simultaneously’ have come there?). I’m finding the former pretty interesting but the latter isn’t really my cup of tea. I mean, I like novels which have a single story and are inter-related. In that novel, there is this spy called George Smiley (and some other guy called Ned) who recollect some stories. It did say that on the gist at the back but I wasn’t paying much heed when I took it from the library. If you’re on Good reads, do add me ->

                I recently bought Resnick and Halliday, 6th edition. Damn, it’s fat. It does have some interesting problems but I’m finding it hard to manage all of my subjects at once. It’s like I’m spending all of my time on Physics, a subject that I’m technically already ‘good’ at leaving ‘chem’ and ‘math’, which I’m not particularly fond of, behind. Ah, I know I’m doing it wrong but I just can’t get myself to change. Also, lol, I got the highest mark, 23 on 30 in math, in a test that was conducted a few weeks back. I totally wasn’t expecting it :P

Anyway, it’s 9 minutes to 9 now and I think I’ve made this post boring enough already.

Until next time,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Practising for the SAT essay...

“What did I get myself into?” – That question repeated itself in my head, over and over again, as I sat down to practice writing essays for the SAT.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ll know that I’m interested in doing my under graduation at MIT. Well, I’ve to write the SAT for that. I always thought that it would be a piece of cake for me. I guess I both under estimated the level of the test and over estimated my ability. I had thought that a score of 2400 would come with minimal work, after getting a 1930 on my first try (in my favor, it was a casual try. Did it as fast as I could without rechecking my work. Also, I didn’t use a pen for the Math section.) I realized I couldn’t be more wrong about the test or my ability. I gained some respect for the SAT then.

                While I write a lot on this blog, most of this is just casual writing. Over the years, I’ve come to realize, bit by bit, that essays don’t come naturally to me like these posts come. This was confirmed during the practice SAT where I struggled to gather my thoughts and write them in a limited time frame. I got a score of 4 out of 6 from a single reader (software). That isn’t what I was aiming at. A full six was what I was aiming at and instead, I got a full two points less. Ah, that sure did wake me up then but I soon fell back asleep. Until today.

Yesterday, I was asked to write around 10 essays and ‘show’ them to someone(on Tuesday) (err…Sir/Counsellor-ish?) at college who knows a bit about the SATs and the nitty-gritties of applying to US universities.

I sat down in the morning today to write the first of those ten essays and… It turned out to be terrible. I wrote the worst essay that I could have. If I were the reader, I’d give it a maximum score of 2. While it was not grammatically incorrect and contained no spelling errors or anything of the sort, it showed a pathetic level of critical thinking. I totally misunderstood the topic and the essay wasn’t very cohesive. Ah, I fell into a mild state of ‘shock’(?) as I read the essays that others had written for the very same question.
                That was when the question ‘What did I get myself into?’ popped up in my mind. I wasn’t expecting this. Most things come easy to me, this was of a different breed. Damn.

                However, reading the sample answers did give me some idea of how I was supposed to write the essay.The next essay that I wrote again in a few hours more was - I’m glad to say – a lot better, at leat in my opinion. It gave me some hope that it could be done. All was not gone. (Not that I thought it was.)

                It’ll be interesting to see how I’ll learn and improve my essay writing skills from the ground-up over the next few days.

                That’s not just it. I also have to complete math assignments that I’d left for a rainy day over the past month. Sigh, all the procrastination is weighing me down but, isn’t that how one gets accustomed to carrying heavier weights?

Until next time,


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some observations after sitting in the last bench at college

Note : This was originally a facebook status that I had updated on June 11th. And yeah, my status updates are sometimes humongous like this.

Sat in the last bench at college today. (More like 'I had to' because I'd come late.)

Some observations...

#1 - The board is very much visible and I don't have to squint unless an extremely stingy teacher comes and writes in small on all available space on the board. The voice of the teacher is pretty audible and not as low as I thought it would be.

#2 - Nothings better than having a full wall to rest your back on

#3 - It feels annoying to have the teachers keep telling "Backbenchers, do you follow?" every now and then. I mean, it's like they are lecturing only to the front benches.

#4 - I also presume that the lecturers think that the last benchers are 'disrespective' to them. And I hate how they presume that. I lifted my hand to ask a question and the lecturer saw it but didn't say anything. I presume that he thought I was stretching my hand. It wasn't until I stood up and yelled "Siir." that he gave me attention.

#5 - Last benchers are actually pretty cool people (Not that I didn't know it before. I myself sat in the last bench in school. But that was in a row of 3 so, I guess that doesn't count) and so much more talk takes place in between lectures.

#6 - Most of the questions get asked to the students in the front. That means less questions to us.

#7 - Whenever the teacher enters the class, he notices the people on the front because the last benches are kind of back and that means that he's more likely to 'scold' them(the first benchers and the middle benchers) for making noise.

#8 - The white of our eyes isn't explicitly visible to the lecturer and that means we can scan the entire room with our eyes moving but head towards the lecturer and he won't even notice our eyeballs moving.

#9 - The attendance sheet kind of comes to us after one full row. So, if I notice in which order they wrote their names, I can spend a few extra seconds at the attendance sheet trying to figure out the names of people without even asking them.

#10 - This is probably getting too looooong...TG that facebook doesn't have a word limit for status updates....

Ah well, some pretty interesting observations right there. I probably could get used to the last benches but I'll go back to my original position in the 5th bench beside the window. I love natural light too much to be away from it for too long :P I'll keep coming back to the last benches though..


By the way, my steam account received a Dota2 beta key. Can't wait until I play it!

This is what happens when you're exhausted but refuse to sleep

As I felt a searing pain on my left foot, I blinked my eyes open and got up. I was on my bed. The tube-light was switched on. I looked outside the window and saw that it was dark outside. I had no recollection of where I had been before I fell asleep and why was the light open? I presumed that my brother had woken up and switched on the light. But I saw no signs of him. It wasn't like him to leave the light switched on. I extended my right hand and clutched my iPod. I pressed the home button and the screen lit open. It read "4:32 AM" and I thought "It's morning all right but why is the light open and why am I not covered in my blanket?" My blanket was not on me. That was unusual. I always slept with the blanket over me.  That's when the light bulb inside my head lit itself. It wasn't my brother who had switched the light open nor was I in some parallel universe. But I had to be sure. I looked to the right of my bed and saw what I was looking for. A novel named "Child 44" It was lying on the ground in a disheveled state. I thought "Crap. Crap." and instantly lifted it up and kept it on the desk beside my bed. That's when I realized what really happened. I fell asleep from exhaustion the previous night. The last thing that I was doing was reading that novel. My mind protested but I didn't listen to it. Then my mind put it's foot down and initiated a hard shutdown. I fell asleep without even keeping the book aside and forgot to switch the light off and didn't even cover myself with a blanket. 

"Mystery solved", I thought but my mind wouldn't have any of it. I fell back on my bed, this time I covered myself with a blanket, switched off the light and kept the book on the table and sleep engulfed me within seconds.