Sunday, June 10, 2012

My observations after 2 days into college

2 days into college (more like 1½ days), here are a few of my observations –

-          My college isn’t a run-of-the-mill product. It’s partly why I chose it so it doesn’t come as a surprise. The teachers here encourage us to ask questions, participate in discussions, try to lighten the mood by inserting a few jokes here and there. And I like it. They have their own ideology, their own solid frame-work as to how they are going to prepare us for the IITs. They're own idea of how teaching should be like. It definitely is a break from the regular corporate colleges.

-          They’re unorthodox.  For example, our Chemistry IPE teacher comes into the class and tells us what chapters are in our intermediate text-book. I did try to concentrate at the start but I soon lost my focus. Oh come on. I could always look into the textbook when I wanted to, to see what chapters were there. He finished telling us the names of all the chapters and then tells us “Studies show that people inbetween the ages of 15 and 21, remember most of the stuff that they are told.” Gives a pause and continues “Is anyone here below 15 or above 21?” Scans the room and finds no opposers and says “Didn’t think so.” Then points to someone at the back and says “You, stand up and tell me all the chapters in the same order.” I was dumbstruck. My mind suddenly raced through the past 7 minutes trying to recall what were the names that he had spoken out. I realized I remembered only scattered bits and parts of it. After a few more seconds of frantic searching I realized that I couldn’t remember them. All I could do was just sit and stare directly at his face trying to mask the ‘lost’ feeling and kind of pretend that my face showed that I knew and just sit back and hope that I don’t get called out. 8 minutes later, the last of the contents was read and I didn’t get a chance. Phew, I thought. Lucky save. I think that this ‘experiment’ by him was much more than just getting us to learn the names of the chapters. I think that the reason behind him doing that was to make us more attentive in his class. I don’t know about others but I doubt if I’ll be slacking off/thinking about other stuff in his class anytime soon.

-          The number of students is way too much. In our school, my class had a strength of 15 with almost 50% of each gender. Here, the strength of my classroom nears 56 and the gender ratio is skewed 70-30 in favour of boys. Hey, that’s a valid observation :P 

-          We can go out of the building to have our lunch. This came as a surprise. I realized that we were actually allowed to go out of the building and have lunch. Not sure if this will be continued in the coming days though. I did go out and have noodles for lunch in a nearby fast-food centre.

-          In my last post, I mentioned about how the classroom was 100% artificial light. In our new classroom, it’s 90-10 in favor of artificial. I’m sitting near the window. Just beside it actually so, I get a large percentage of the 10%. Here’s a funny thing. The wall just opposite the window is yellow in color. Sunlight doesn’t enter my class directly. It reflects off that wall and then enters the window beside me. That gives it an amusing yellowish color.

-          It’s going to take some work from me if I plan on doing well here. In the first class itself, our math sir told us to brace ourselves up for marks which resembled 20 out of 100 or even -20 out of 100. He also told us that getting 95+ was next to impossible. Well, I’ve had first hand experience of this in Evens’ so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

It’s eight minutes past eleven now and I have to wake up at around 5:45 tomorrow so I better stop this post right here and go sleep. Tomorrow is our first full day and I’m looking forward to it. I want to know how much time I’ll have to study once I get home and do all my side activities.

Until next time,

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