Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sorry Dota, maybe next time...

Defense of the Ancients(popularly known as DOTA) is a insanely popular modded map for Warcraft III – The Frozen Throne.

I first started playing it almost a year ago, in the holidays of ’11. Dota is extremely addictive especially for people who like a challenge and hence it was imperative that I fell for it. And before knew it, I started spending 8 hours a day playing that game. That continued for a full week or two until I realized that I wasn’t getting anything done other than playing dota. I managed to get myself to Shift+delete the entire folder and there was no way to redo that. So, I managed to wrench myself away from that game.
            This year, for the past one full week, the same thing has carbon copied itself and presented itself infront of me once again. Except this time around, I wasn’t really able to play the game for 8 hours a day because my internet keeps getting disconnected every 10-15 minutes and there’s no way I can finish playing an entire dota game in that but yes, I spending enough time on the game to say that I’m addicted to it (once again).

            So this year as well, I bid it goodbye with a heavy heart.

Sorry Dota, you’re definitely awesome but I’ve got more important stuff to do. Maybe next time.

Added to that Dota 2 is in the making and it looks graphically amazing. It’s the same game but optimized/specially made for Dota by Valve with IceFrog leading the game’s development.

You know what, try playing Dota. If you like a challenge and have got loads of time on your hand that you can spend on it, there’s no better game in my opinion.

Until next time,

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