Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh. So this is called stress.

The last 5 months have been really hectic for me and I have barely had any free time for myself in which I could load off. 

There was the last minute rush to complete all the projects, class works, worksheets, assignments. And immediately after that we had our pre-boards which were consecutive days which in turn caused me to cram as much as I could within a short period of time and then, we had a 2 week gap to study for the boards which then prolonged for almost a full month. As soon as they finished, I attended a month of preparation classes for all the entrance examinations that I was going to write. Almost immediately after that, 2 weeks of college have started that will go on up till the 16th of this month. 

“You’ll get 3 months of holidays after the board in which you can enjoy before college starts.” They said.(biggest lie that someone has ever told me)

After those 5 hectic months, I’m feeling the crunch now. I’m hardly able to get myself to do anything related to studies. I’m making timetables and committing myself to them but am not getting anything done. Added to that, I’m putting all the blame on my internet connection. This has happened before but it has never put me off like this ever.

I guess I need to make time for myself. But then, there’s this impending fear inside me that if I slack off now, I’ll fall behind at college and that will just pile up and pile up until it becomes unmanageable.

GAH! I have no idea what to do.....

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