Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Rambling (not sure if that word describes what it is properly)

You know how they say “Ignorance is bliss.”

After spending the last 2 hours trying to export this blog onto a wordpress site using a pseudoname and at the same time making this blog invisible to the public and to all search engines, I’ve realized how true that statement is.
You might probably be wondering as to why anyone might do what I just did. I have just one word. Privacy.

When I first started this blog, I didn’t give a crap about it. I lol’d if you even mentioned the name. But, I’m starting to feel really hesitant about posting any new content here because this blog is open to everybody. Anybody and everybody can see it. Who knows if someone starts stalking me?  (Nobody would but hey! Who knows?) 

….You know what, I’ve just gone through all my posts since the inception of this blog and have come to a conclusion. I was getting all worked up about nothing. There’s ‘nothing’ in this blog that might hurt or even dent my privacy.

So, I’m all good with it I guess. 

*Makes it visible to search engines now*
I can use all the traffic I get :P

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