Friday, May 25, 2012

Best of 'About Everything and Nothing'

Here's an all-time list of my favorite blog posts from this blog -

#1 101 things to do before I die : No surprises there eh?

#2 Caught red handed, left unscathed : This was one memorable post

#3 Story of the trapped Chilean Miners : This was where it all started. I actually went through 3-4 articles from different newspapers in order to compile that blog post. Do give it a read!

#4 Kevin O' Brien shares my blog : What could be more awesomer than this?

#5 Memories of my childhood: I'm still amazed at how succinctly I managed to write about my childhood.

Those that almost made it :

Reading - The one thing I love : This is worth a read.

Would I care if the world ended(Part 2)? : Me getting a bit philosophical.

Diverging Ways - A poem I'm not really into poems but I wrote this one and it was wonderful experience.

Getting punishedA post which is a great example of me making a horrendously small thingy into a huge significant one.

List of Teenage blogs : If you're looking for other 'interesting' blogs to read, you should give this a read.

31-29. Boy. What a match : I describe a memorable volleyball match that I'd played with my classmates.

Landmark quiz '11:  My experience at the Landmark Hyderabad Quiz of 2011

A ghost story that I'd written: The title says it all.

My try at making a comic:   I obviously have no career in trying to displace xkcd, but here's my try anyway.

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