Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Once you've been introduced to something better...

Once you have been introduced to something better, you don't feel like going back to the earlier thing even though you managed to live with it in the past. You start craving for the better thing because you know you deserve better.

I’ve got some time to reflect on my experience at MUWCI and that precisely explains what I’m feeling.

During the interview, I was asked “Why do you think friends are important?” Honestly, I was dumbstruck. I had no idea what to reply. But then, I said “It’s because of my friends that I have fun. Were it not for them, I’d probably have been sitting in front of the computer 24x7.” and then proceeded to explain ‘why that was important’. That’s when one of them interrupted me by saying “You don’t need to justify having fun.” And the other 2 interviewers nodded their head saying “Yes..”

            Now that I think about what they said, I’m surprised… I realized that I always keep justifying why I have fun. Be it watching T.V or just chatting with someone on Facebook or playing, I keep justifying why I’m having fun. 

“You don’t need to justify fun.” – wow. That statement is so profound

The article here -> is exactly what I’m feeling.

I spend far too much of my time trying to justify why I'm going to do something. Before I buy a new pair of pants I have to determine the reason why I'm doing it. Do I need these pants, or am I just buying them because I like how they look? When I go to eat a candy bar I have to justify that now is an okay time to eat it because I haven't had one for a while. If I decide to just relax and watch a movie I have to justify that I really do need a break and I'm not just being lazy. 

Can't I just do fun things for no reason at all? It's like I'm putting myself in check every time I'm doing something just because I want to. I've noticed myself justifying my actions constantly and I don't like the habit. The only actions I don't question are ones that involve hard work that will lead to an ultimate goal I've set for myself. For example I never question whether or not I should be taking photos because I want my photography business to grow. I never question why I'm practicing dance moves because I want to win a an Open Championship competition someday. It's like I've subconsciously decided that fun things are only allowed at certain times while work is always acceptable…..”
 (Click on the link to read the entire article. It is time well spent..isn't that ironic?.. All I've been trying to convince myself is that some activity is to be done only if it is time well spent. Sigh. I guess that's been hard-wired into me. I want to unwire it though..)

Earlier, I was all set to go to colleges that make you study 24x7. But now that I’ve been given a taste of the MUWCI experience, I do not want to go there. I want to have fun. I so, so badly want to get into MUWCI. Yes, I do realize that they will be rejecting about two-thirds of all applicants but I want to be in the remaining one-third….

I’ll have to wait until the 23rd (or 24th or 25th) of April to find out. That’s about 12 days from now…

The waiting sucks.

Until next time,

(PS : Expect more of these ‘reflection posts’.)


  1. I feel that I suffer from the same thing as well. I can't get myself to do things just because there has to be a reason for why I am doing it. It gets ridiculous!
    I very much enjoyed your post. I hope that you get into MUWCI what ever that is. Is it a college?

    1. Glad to know that I'm not the only one :)

      And, thank you!

      MUWCI isn't a college. It's more like the last 2 years of high-school, 11th and 12th grade.

  2. Hey Adarsh , Reading your blog makes me grin for no reason . May be its fun to read this . Actually even Im applying for MUWCI and got the application . I've already completed my application and the only thing is to send it to MUWCI. So even I'm kinda excited . Love your blog . !
    Check mine if you get time . :) :)