Friday, March 23, 2012

What should I do this summer?

(Just me rambling about what I’m going to do this summer)

The board exams are finally coming to an end. Just one more (Social) on this 26th and I’ll be officially be done with exams for now (not technically but, yes).

            I’ve got around 3 months or 4 ½ months (depending on where I choose to go) of holidays. 

            That’s a lot of time.

            Last year, I spent the holidays playing DotA for the first 1½ months. Then, I decided I was spending just way too much time on it and wrenched myself away from that. After that, I created a sort of ‘To-Do List’. I made a deal with my mom which said that if I completed every single thing on that to-do list, I’d get a mobile (which later turned into an iPod Touch). I did succeed in completing all those things and I did get an iPod Touch which I absolutely admire! 

So, what shall I do this year?

            Will I make another ‘deal’ with my mom? I don’t really have anything on my mind that I really-really want so, No thank you.

            Coming this 28th, I’ll be spending 6 hours a day attending this ‘preparatory camp’ for the Ramaiah entrance(and other entrances). So, the time slot from 6 am to 12 noon is pretty much booked. While I’m not exactly looking forward to it per se, it’s not much of an option. I spent the last 2 years lazing around without exactly studying and if I can cover all that up in this time, I’ll gladly do it. And then, this will provide me some much-needed practice for all the Olympiads that I’m aiming at next year.

            So, all I have left is around 8 pure hours to do stuff (from 1pm to 9pm). I’ll spend about 2-3 hours of those revising/studying
So, that’ll leave me with about 5 hours a day.

That’s not a lot of time in my opinion for all the stuff I want to do but hey, better some than nothing.

What could I do?

-          Learn Python/C/any-other-programming-language 

-          Draw! (I used to draw a lot a long time ago. Time passed and I started spending less and less time on it. Nowadays, I hardly draw once in a few months)

-          Mess around with my old PC's.

-          Knock off a few books! Get that BC library membership!

-          Watch a TED video a day (Did it religiously until a few days back.)

-          Blog often! (on AeonsAway! :P)

-          Go running? (I’m gaining weight nowadays and hence losing my agility. Agility, I’d hate to lose it)

-          Write a story? (It’s a big time-commitment and I’m not sure if I want to commit to it)

-          Brush up on my Photoshop skills (It’d come in handy some day!)

-          Think about some awesome things I could do!

Ah. I’ll update this list if I stumble upon something else.

Until next time,

PS : If you have anything in mind do let me know! 

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