Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reasons...And stuff

Last month, this blog received “1019” views. That’s funny considering the fact that I just wrote 2 posts in the entire month.

Anyway, did I mention that I have a new blog? Check it out here ->

This blog(as in the blog that you’re reading right now) evolved over time. Posting about ‘math’, ‘science’ and stuff just didn’t feel right. Also, I couldn’t bring myself to post a 10-line blog even though I really wanted to because I felt like I was insulting the post count.

So for these reasons, I created that other blog. It has indeed lived up to “my” expectations of it. I don’t get that ‘feeling’ of “guilt” when posting there.
When I created it, I promised myself that I’d keep posting here as well but as you can see, I never really got down to fulfilling it. Why?

            I currently have holidays for preparing for the board exams. (You didn’t know? Oops.) 

            As I said, I didn’t feel right about posting stuff about “Science and Math” here. Now that I have holidays, my entire day revolves around those two subjects. Every single thing I do(almost everything) deals with either studies or just regular geek-dom. Nothing that I felt is ‘appropriate’ for this blog.

            Many posts that I’ve made here deal with my interactions with other people. However, now that I have preparation holidays, my interaction with others has reduced by a big-big percentage. 

            Previously, I had school. So, atleast I used to be in the company of other homo-sapiens. Now that I have no school and everyone is busy preparing for the exams, I basically have zero conversations with others. That in turn leads to no “incidents” which in turn leads to the reason for no posts.

            In 15 out of the past 16 days, the only people I ‘actually’ talked to were – Mom, Dad, Grandma and a Shopkeeper. 

            So, basically, ‘all’ the interesting things that happen deal with stuff that I don’t think is for this blog.
 =>  No blogs.

Hence Proved.


Until next time(whenever that is),


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