Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Made it to the interview stage for MUWCI :)

a.k.a MUWCI (Just in case you're wondering!)

March 10th

            “Your brother told you to call him once.” Those where the first words I heard after coming back from having just watched Venus at the Birla Science Centre as a part of an amateur astronomy course that I’ve been taking. After a bit of pondering about what he was going to tell me, I settled on “some cricketing news” or about my latest post on my blog.

            I dialed his number, put the phone to my ear and waited for the familiar ringing sound. Nothing. 5 seconds later a small beep and the ‘disconnecting’ sound. I wondered what had just happened. I dialed again but it just repeated itself. Felt like I was in a time loop(Supernatural-season4-someepisode :P).

            Went over to mom and told her that his phone wasn’t working. She tried dialing but the same thing happened(I was like, “You thought I didn’t try that?”). Anyway, I went back to my room thinking that maybe I’ll try later. Hoping time would heal the wounds. I had not even entered my room when I heard my mom say “Ah. Hello?” I realized that the call had been connected and went over to the adjacent room and took the phone from my mother.

            Walking to my room with the cell-phone in my ear, I pondered about why mom had been successful in dialing and not me. Before I could come to a logical conclusion(called ‘luck by chance’) a “congratulations” broke my thought-train. My brain raced through all possible explanations for that ‘congratulations. Nothing struck me. I asked “What?” I got the reply “You got selected for the interview for uwc college.” Just to make sure, I asked him “What?” He replied “Uwc. United world colleges. You got selected.” I was like “Aain. Aaisa kaisa? How does he know and I don’t?” so, I asked “How do you know?”(Sigh. Trust isn’t exactly my forte.) My bro then patiently explained how they messed up with my email address and wrote “adaeshnet” instead of “adarshnet”. 

Oh. Adaesh. Interesting. Btw, it’s Hindi for “Command”.

March 11

            I finally had a chance to read through the letter that I was sent.
It read -
Dear Mr. Adarsh Rao Samudhrala(another typo :/),   

Congratulations on getting through to the final stage of selection for the UWC National Committee for India. Well done. This is a tremendous achievement. You are cordially invited to attend a 24 hour selection camp, which will be held at the Mahindra United World College of India, Pune. It will be informative, challenging and fun.”
A grin broke through my mind as I read that and it didn't subside for a long time.

 If you have the patience, let me take you all back to where it all started.

December 28th, 2011.
            I was idly sitting in my room doing the usual while all my friends were on a train travelling to Delhi for an excursion. It was ‘my’ decision not to go but I was kinda ‘regretting’ it then. However, to take my mind off it, I decided to write a blog post. A review of 2011 to be precise.
(You might want to read that post.)

December 29th
            I had a conversation with someone I knew from the British Council Summer Camp I had attended in 2011. It started off as just another chat but soon, the conversation pointed itself towards what I was going to do after 10th. I was soon “redirected” to and told that I might want to check that out. I just ‘smirked’. I did check the website out though(I had also done so earlier but everytime’s a first time.)
            I must admit, I was in an asamanjas (hindi for ‘confusion’). UWCMC(or, MUWCI as they call it) was a cool college, no doubt about that. But… I just didn’t see myself going there, ever.
            I pondered and pondered and pondered.
Jan 1st, 2012          
        I still wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go there. Half of me told me, “Come on, give it a try”. The other half said, “Oh. Come on! Are you kidding me?
What sold it was the thought that – (I wrote it in my iPod as a note) – "Really, I just want to have a shot at it. Twenty years later, I don’t want to think “What if?”"
I finally told mom that there was this college in Pune and she said something along the lines of “Fine. Let’s check it out.” I was surprised. Why? I still don’t know.

Jan 2nd
            Dad sends a DD to their office in Worli, Mumbai for their application form. So quickly? You ask. I say “I might have had the benefit of doubt due to rushing things up.” :P

Jan 10th
            Got the MUWCI form that day. Was “intimidated” by it.

Feb 7th
            Finally sat through the whole day with it and finished it.
As I hold the Xeroxed copy of the finished application in my hand right now, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Filling out the form was in itself a really, dare I say, exhausting task. The questions made me question myself. I was made to think really hard about myself.
Reading through my replies doesn’t take much time as most of them are under 150 words. However, only I know how much time I had to spend to get them to their current form.
Also, reading them makes me wonder if I really was the one who wrote them. :P
All that culminated in me getting an email telling me that I have an interview on the 8th of April, 2012. Btw, coming to think of it, I could have easily written “One thing led to another and finally I got the email.” instead of 900+ words.

The Interview
            I guess I’m going to their campus for the interview on April 8th. From what I hear, the interview will be ‘fun’ as it will not only include a ‘formal interview’ but also various kinds of other social/informal activities. I’ve met(on CC) some others who have also been selected for the interview but all of their interviews are on the days preceeding mine.

That’s about it for now.

Until next time,

PS : Happy Pi Day!  And, MIT will announce RD results in about 6 hours. Good luck to everyone I know!


  1. Does that mean you're coming to Pune? o.O

  2. seriously who on 'VEGA' cares

    1. Sigh. Almost everyone on VEGA is a highly gifted individual. You clearly seem to break the norm. And, I can’t even believe we’re related by blood (Seriously. Who would’ve thought?)
      And regarding your question, the elders in VEGA are banking on me getting in. They believe that this road will give me some much-needed experience before I reveal the stuff to the world (you know what don’t you.).

      @Anonymous : If you didn’t understand, don’t beat yourself, you weren’t meant to.

    2. Silly me. I just realized that the second anonymous was the first anonymous and was simply adding the question mark to the previous post.


  3. Hi Adarsh. i'm Anjaly.I'm in group B for the interview. Have you done any preparation for the interview? Please give me some tips :) Liked the blog.

  4. Hey guys ( Anjaly and Adarsh), what was the group discussion about, last year?
    And how many discussions were held?
    Also, please tell me more about the aptitude test? Which sort of questions are asked???

    1. The aptitude test is pretty simple and as long as you do well at school, it shouldn't be too hard. What kind of questions are asked? Math, science stuff. The ones that need just a little bit more than just applying the formula.

      The discussion were about different topics. All of the groups and sub-groups had different topics to speak on.. They will test your ability to think on the spot, I doubt if preparing will help.. I know it didn't for me.

  5. Oh thanks so much! :D
    I am not preparing that is why I only wanted to know if there was anything I needed to take a look at.. :P
    Thanks for your help!

  6. Hi! Any results of the interview? Know anyone who has gotten in/rejected ? When do you think one will get to know?