Monday, January 23, 2012

Sound Familiar?

                Have you guys ever heard of a debt trap? A person(usually an Indian farmer) is said to have fallen into one when he goes on paying money but the debt never seems to be cleared and if anything, appears to grow more in size.

Sound familiar?

                Almost everyone falls into a trap like this right from when they’re 3 years old until their mid-twenties.


                Yes, I mean the exam-trap. If you compare them, you don’t really see much difference. Each one of them sucks the blood of the person who falls into it. The exams never seem to end. If one ends, the other starts within a few weeks. And the best of all, each year, the amount of portion keeps on increasing.

                To be entirely honest, I wrote the above from the general point of view. Personally, I don’t really hate exams. It feels good to be tested once in a while and come out on top of everyone else. (Not blowing my own trumpet but it happens more often that not) I like the challenge that the exam gives. It is during exam times that I happen to use my actual mind the most because it’s a challenge that I love to beat.

                Over here in India, we people take 10th grade very seriously. Everyone’s like 
“ need to get good marks in your 10th” I find it a tad bit funny.

                Anyway, it’s the time of the year when I have to write Unit-tests, Pre-finals and finally (the exams that matter the most) the board exams.

                My unit-tests are starting from the 25th of Jan, the day after tomorrow. The first exam’s Math. They end on the 6th of February.

                After that we write what people call the pre-boards. They are conducted in the 3rd week of February over a period of five days.

                After all this, the real-deal starts. The board exams start from the 2nd of March and occur over a period of 24 days till the 26th of February.

                I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to that final exam on the 26th of February. Part of me gets excited at the prospect of finally being done with school while the other part doesn’t want to leave it. Got too many sweet/fond memories attached to it.

                Aah. Like it or not, I’ll have to write that final exam and get done with school. The whole world’s ahead of me.
                Anyways, over the next few days expect posts that’ll be me writing out my thoughts on the exams that I’ll be writing.

Btw, I’m writing the selection test for the IOL this Sunday in Hyderabad….. It’s hard. Never thought I’d say it but, it’s hard. I’ll need loadsa practice before I’m comfortable with it! Hope I do well J             

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