Thursday, January 26, 2012


Respect is what water gained from me today.

            I woke up feeling quite low today. My eyes felt groggy didn’t feel like doing anything. I so wanted to study for stuff but I just couldn’t get myself to. Instead, I plonked down and started watching TV but got bored soon.

            It felt queer. I couldn’t quite pin-point what was causing it.

I was walking from one room to another without any purpose when my glance fell on something. “OMG” Was the first thought that came into my mind.

            Over the next 2 seconds, it struck me nice and full.

Apparently, I hadn’t drunk water since the past 36+ hours.

                From 11:30 pm(24th Jan) to 1:30 pm(26th Jan), I hadn’t drunk water. That’s about 38 hours if I’m not mistaken. In that period, all I had drunk was three glasses of milk but no water.


                I instantly took a glass and filled it up with water and drunk it. Repeated that cycle 3 times until I became ‘active’ again and could do stuff.

                 Seriously, I never thought water was so important. It gained a whole lot of respect from me today.




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