Monday, January 30, 2012

Random ramblings – 4

(The last time I posted “Random Ramblings” was way back in August, 2011.)

-          30 days out of the 366 days in 2012 are already over :O Makes me take a step back and think where the last 30 days have gone.

30 days is a lot of time. Let me see if I can remember anything about the past two days.

-          Yesterday (the 29th of Jan, 2011), I wrote the selection test for the International Olympiad in Linguistics. I had to travel all the way to University of Hyderabad’s campus in Gachibowli (23 km from my home) to write this exam. To be honest, it didn’t go that well. I did give it my best shot but I guess I wasn’t ready. Anyway, I’ll do a lot lot better the next time around.

-          Today, I had my science Unit Test which went pretty well. Expecting just a mark less than 20.

-          Also, the school round for the Marrs Spelling Bee was held in my school. It also went pretty well and I got selected from my class along with a friend (anyone remember the “giraffe” from “31-29 Boy What a match”?) I think I aced the dictation round. I could just unjumble 3 words out of the 10 though. That kinda surprised me as well. The oral round was okayish.

 Speaking of exams, I just realized something. Other than the school pre-finals and the board exams, I do not really have any other exams. That means I can concentrate fully on acing my school exams. Interesting. :P

            My next unit test is on 1st Feb which coincides with the day after tomorrow. Wait a second, shouldn’t that have been the other way around?
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