Thursday, January 19, 2012

Key for the 2nd IEO (Class 10)

NOTE : If you want the keys for the other classes, CLICK HERE

                What follows is the key(for the 10th class paper) of the 2nd International English Olympiad conducted by SOF in association with the British Council.

                The following are the answers that I think are the correct answers. Don’t worry though, except one or two, most of them are the correct answers. If you don’t agree with any of the answers below, you can comment on this post and I’ll follow up.

                By the way, I’ve made a few mistakes and as far as I know, I’ll be getting something around 46. Let me know how many marks you’re scoring in the comments section J

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1.       (A) Accelerated
2.       (D) Reversed
3.       (D) Collided
4.       (B) Risk
5.       (C) Rose
6.       (C) Though I know I will have to use them in the future
7.       (C) Get to the Eiffel Tower
8.       (C) Than depend on other people for things
9.       (D) Taking my life in my hands
10.   (A)
11.   (D)
12.   (C)
13.   (B)
14.   (C)
15.   (C)
16.   (D)
17.   (B) 
18.   (C)
19.   (C)
20.   (C)
21.   (B)
22.   (C)
23.   (B)
24.   (A)
25.   (D)
26.   (B)
27.   (D)
28.   (D)
29.   (C) -- (edited)
30.   (A)
31.   (A)
32.   (C) -- (edited. Was previously D)
33.   (B)
34.   (C) -- (Edited. Was previously B)
35.   (A) -- (Edited. Was previously D
36.   (C)
37.   (B)
38.   (D)
39.   (A)
40.   (D)
41.   (B)
42.   (A)
43.   (C)
44.   (D)
45.   (B) -- (Was previously A. T'was a straightforward question. Too much thinking took me astray :/ )
46.   (B) -- (SOF says the answer is A. They must have made a typo. It doesn't make sense)
47.   (B)
48.   (C)
49.   (A)
50.   (C)

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  1. can u post 2 nd IEO keys for class 5

    1. A,b,b,c,c b,b,c,c,b. c,c,b,b,b, b,b,d,d,b. b,d,c,a,b. b,b,a,ac. B,c,c,a,b. a,c,b,a,c A,a,a,b,b. a,c,c,c,c. For class 5

  2. Do you have the answer for Class 8 too?

    1. If you can send me the question paper, I can answer them and post the key over here :)

  3. I want answer keys of class 8:)

  4. Can u pls post the answers for class 12?

  5. I want the answer keys of class 9..

  6. Can u pls post the key for class 7? pls...pls...pls...pls..pls...pls...pls............

  7. pls post the answer key of class 7............

  8. People, I wouldn't mind posting the keys for the other classes! But, I need their question paper for that!!!

    Check this link -->

  9. can you please pls pls! post me the answer keys of class 8 pls pls!

  10. I have a doubt. Many doubts, actually.
    Shouldn't 29 be (C)?
    And I'm thinking 17 is also (C)..
    And 32 (C)
    AND 34 is (C)
    ..I'm pretty sure of these answers, that's why..

    1. #29 : To be honest, I think the answer is 'better days'. I mean like, suppose he was a soldier fighting in Afghanistan. He doesn't like it there. When he gets to know that he's been dismissed, he sees better days for himself. Or, suppose he was somebody who hated his job. When he gets to know that he's been dismissed/fired from his job, he's happy because he hated the job anyway.

      #17: I'm not really sure about this one. It's definitely not (D). It could be either A, B or C. Personally, I think it's either A or B. I guess we'll have to wait until the official key is released.

      The comprehension was pretty hard. I just wrote what I thought was correct. I don't know. You may be right or me.

      Guess we'll have to wait.

    2. You're stating a special case, and not a normal one..
      Under normal conditions, anyone would be angry if you dismiss them..
      Just saying.
      Okay, I have the doubt even for 17..but I'm kinda sure only because in the books I've read, it's always 'Put to test' and not 'Put to flight'..:/
      And I agree with you there. Comprehension was pretty hard..:/
      And if my answers are all correct, I'm getting around 47..:)

    3. SOF released the keys ... -->

      I'm getting around 42...messed it up in the comprehension part. Got 3 wrong in it. Boo!

      And, any chance you could send me a facebook friend request? It's not often that I see people who do just as well or even better at me in English :P My profiles at the top right corner of this page...


    4. Well, I'm getting 44..:)
      I got only one wrong in comprehension..:/
      And I'm confused over that 46th question..
      It is SO can you score 5-0 in Training? o.O
      And yeah, sure :)

    5. And my name's Aishwarya Rao :)

    6. Exactly. 5-0 in training doesn't make sense. It's got to be "defeat"!

    7. Totally. -_-
      And the 35th one, the 'Which plants do well in shade' thing, it's not Pansies and Dahlias..they haven't given anything in the Pansies para about shade..

  11. 10 is B ; 17 IS C ; 29 IS C; 32 IS C ; 35 DOESN'T HAVE AN ANSWER AND 45 IS B.


    1. @Above: I mean no disrespect to your teacher but, she's wrong. You'll see when SOF releases the keys. She's definitely wrong on 35, 45. The rest, I'm not sure.

  12. i think 1st sould be B;
    I mean a plane doesn't accelerates down a run way it retards.....
    and 29th is ofcrz D;
    and 32 and 33 r C and 35 is A nd i m kinda damn sure for 32,33 nd 35.....:)

    1. SOF has released the key.
      I'm sorry to say, but I'm guessing most of your answers are wrong. :/

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  14. most of the incorrect ones were in comprehension . i scored 40.and by the way what is the cutoff?

    1. There is just one level for the IEO. So that means that there is no cut-off.