Thursday, January 5, 2012

Intuition ;)

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This would be the Chinese symbol for intuition

Wikipedia describes it as the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason.
            For me, it’s just the voice in me that tells me what to do without giving any reason.
            As a kid, I used to watch cricket (I’ve got cricinfo for that now). More often than not, I was put-forth the question “Who’s going to win this match?” I always told them what my intuition told me and voila! It was true almost always! Now, people might attribute that to luck but not me.
I’m sorry but your dreams of kidnapping me and becoming a millionaire by betting are dashed. Those days of guessing the result of a cricket match correctly are gone. My intuition doesn’t reply anymore when I ask it who’s going to win the match. 

            Also, my intuition also helps me quite a bit while solving problems. Atleast, it did, 3 years ago.

            It was evening and I was attending some class on Math. The teacher wrote a problem on the board and asked us the answer. 

“There is a number whose two digits are equal to one another. If you square the number, you will get a four-digit number whose first two digits equal each other and the last two digits also equal each other. What is the original number?”

            To be entirely honest, I didn’t have a whisker of an idea how I was going to solve that particular problem. Intuition took over me. I wrote two numbers down on the blank page in front of me and multiplied them. Voila! They turned out to be the required numbers. Everyone in the class was like “ :O ” when I gave the correct answer. 

            Some people call it luck. I call it ‘intuition’.

            Now, before you start trusting your intuition, I want to type out a disclaimer.

            Intuition doesn’t always work. Period.

            Nobody’s been happier than me when they trust their intuition and go ahead but, nobody’s been more disappointed with it when it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.

            I don’t guess on MCQ test papers. But, on a particularly hard test which I hadn’t studied for, I had to guess. 

            Attempting a problem gave me a 25% chance of getting it right. 

            So, I turned to my intuition for help.
I marked A ,a, b, c, d, a, c, a,…..etc and finished with it. I was pretty jubilant at the end of the exam. I was pretty confident of doing real good on it.

            I learnt it the hard way that intuition doesn’t really work well when you’re writing exams :P I score real low(like real-real low) on that test. But hey, I did learn a lesson!

Anyways, the reason I’m writing this post is…. (You all are probably like, you should’ve said that 456 words ago! I know..I know…I rant a lot)

            So, this December, I took a decision. I had to choose between Yes/No (Duh!). Most people expected me to say ‘Yes’ but, I said ‘No’. And they were all like “Why?” I told them I don’t know! My mind is telling me to say no. They were like “Yeah. Right #sarcasm”

            To be honest, I still don’t have any idea why or what made me say ‘No’ and why I didn’t relent even after so many people told me to reconsider. But, looking back, it was a great choice. Steve Jobs was right. You can’t connect the dots going forward, you can only connect them going backward.

            A lot of ‘amazing’ things happened in the past few days. Had I said “yes”, they probably wouldn’t have happened.

            One of them was the International Linguistics Olympiad

By the way, it's not just another olympiad. At least, it isn't for me. Checking out one of their problem here -- click here(IN A New tab ofcourse. Don't leave my blog just yet :P)

            I was just browsing through the MIT admission’s website(Yep. Again. Must be my hundredth time) when I saw something called “International Linguistics Olympiad’. For reasons that are still unclear *cough* intuition *cough* I browsed through the website and instantly sent a mail asking for more details. 4 days later, it’s confirmed. I’ll be going to Mumbai(most probably) on this 29th and writing a selection test for representing Team India at the IOL 2012, Slovenia. Now, I’m terribly excited about this. IOL problems are my stuff. I mean, those problems are meant for me. ( Don’t get it? Never mind.)

            Now, had I said ‘Yes’, I wouldn’t have had the faintest idea that something like IOL even existed. Because I trusted my intuition and went forth with it, I’m getting a shot at representing India at the IOL 2012 in Slovenia. It’s just a ‘shot’ I know. But, my intuition tells me I’m going to rock the selection test(see?). Just need some practice.

            The other amazing stuff will have to wait some more time because if you’re still reading this. Your brain cells are probably cursing me for making them work overtime(no offense! :P).

            Next time you are faced with a choice, go with your intuition! Follow it’s advice long enough and you’ll know you took the best choice!

            Now, I’ve got to go get some homework done :/

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  1. Awesome!!! I just needed someone to understand how much I use intution and how much it works!!

    All the best by the way :D :D

    I know a famous guy :D :D :P