Monday, January 16, 2012

Diverging ways

Disclaimer : This post is purely fictional. Any resemblance to any place, character, thing living or dead is purely unintended and regretted.

Happens to be the very first-of-it's-kind.

Diverging Ways

You know, I miss the days
When I used to enjoy your company.

That was a long time ago.

Somewhere along in the bitterness of life,
We diverged on a fork in the road.
It seemed small at the time,
But it is only now that I realize how huge it really was.

We still kept touch,
Be it through calls, texts or chats.
However, on your way, you found someone.
You were bewitched by her ways.

I looked on from my side of the road.
I had neither the courage nor the strength to stop you.
You were finally learning to fly.
I had to let you learn,
Even if you flew right into the devil’s lair.

At first, I didn’t take much notice.
I didn’t think it would stand the test of time.
But, I was proved wrong.

8 months later, everything has changed.
We were never this further apart.
You still keep touch,
But the ‘coldness’ in your calls, messages, chats is well visible.
You think nothing has happened,
But here, I know everything has happened.

I can do nothing but stare in your direction
As I watch you just grow further and further apart.
I do not have the courage or desire to stop you,
I’ve never seen you this happy.
Bliss is what you feel around her.

Your shadow on me is decreasing.
More of me is being visible every damn day.
It scares me.
How will I ever adjust to the light?
But somewhere, a voice tells me
“You have to.”

At every mention of her, my heart twitches.
I don’t like it but I know I don’t have a say.
Each lives their own life.
Each has their own destiny.
Each has their own path to their destination.
Shortcuts spoil it more than you know.

Now, I see you with a glint of disappointment.
I try my best to hide it.
But, I think it shows.

How did it happen?
Wish the answer was as simple as a 'Yes' or a 'No'.
The answers more profound.

I try my best not to say anything but sometimes,
The load gets too heavy.
You have to unload.
Be it in the ocean or on land.
You have to make yourself lighter,
If you want to keep riding the skies.

I don’t understand how it all happened.
I can’t fathom it.
Why it happened, I don’t know.

My mind tells me,
“God works in mysterious ways.”

God sure does work in mysterious ways.

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