Friday, December 23, 2011


Aww. Looking at the picture above moistens my eye.(Removed the pic... Privacy :/)

          I have wonderful friends. I can’t really ask anything more. They bear my endless rants for almost 6 hours every single day of the academic year. You’ve got to give them a prize for that.

          I’m just 15 and have spent 13 years in this school. 13 years. My-my, that’s a lot 
of time.

          In a few months, I’ll be leaving it. I just can’t really come to terms with that. 
Whenever I start to think of it, my mind just brushes it away and refuses to let it come back in.

          13 years . That number just keeps repeating itself in my head.

          I’ve one-half of my life there. All those grins, smirks, laughs. Boy, those were amazing moments.

          I went in as a, I don’t know, 45 cm tall kid and today, I’m almost 165 cm.

          December’s almost coming to an end now. January and February. 2 months. That’s all I’ve got. *Sniff*

          To be entirely honest with you, tears are forming in my eyes this very second. My mouth’s aching because it wants to whine and my mind’s drawing a complete blank. 

I’m actually trying to save stuff for the farewell speech that I’m going to make. Last year, during the previous batch’s farewell, I realized that written words just don’t have the impact that actually speaking them out does. This year, I’m not going to make that ‘mistake’ again. I want people to hear what I want to say through my own mouth.  To be entirely honest, I’ve been thinking about the speech since last year. I’ve spent sleepless nights thinking about it but as of today, I haven’t written even one word. This post is the only time I’ve ever mentioned it.

The word counter reads ‘312’. I’m surprised. It didn’t feel that way at all. Anyways, I’m going to bid adieu now.

By the way, add all the digits of the number of posts I’ve made in 2011 and see what it adds up to ;)

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