Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Review of 2011

                  2011 has been a momentous year.  It has changed me in ways that I couldn’t really think of an year ago. In the words of Apple, it has been the best year of my life yet.

                It only seems like yesterday when I remember talking to a friend of mine about my resolutions for the new year. However, on further inquisition, it doesn’t seem as though it has flown by like a super-sonic jet. It has paced itself pretty well.

                2011 was a year of experiencing/learning new lessons. When I look back at the person I was on 1st January, 2011 and the person I’m on 28th December, 2011. I see a lot of difference.

Finally back on the right track

                If there’s one thing that I’m glad happened is that I’m finally starting to realize the importance of ‘studies’. I mean, 9th grade didn’t really go well for me. I lost my way in studies. Sure, I did do better than the average kid in the exams but nowhere near what I was capable of. My marks in the prep-school that I attend deteriorated. When I got my results for the second term of my 9th grade, all my teachers were like “Whatever happened to you Adarsh?”. They obviously didn’t expect those marks from me. Then, I swore that I was going to a lot-lot better in my tenth grade. I even created a note on Facebook out of pure annoyance and determination to ‘shut their mouths’(those are the actual words I used).

                It took me a lot of time but, I think that I’m finally on the right track. After 12 full months, I can say that I’m back on the right track again. On comparing my grades and stuff, you might just see a small increase but only I know that what has happened is a gazillion times more than that. I can’t really explain it. Somewhere along the way, I just realized how fun learning can actually be.

“The marks you get does not determines your life but it’s your attitude to learning that does.”

My attitude towards learning has undergone a paradigm shift.

Who am I behind the iron curtains?

 2011 was also a year where I learnt more about myself. Who I really was under the iron curtains. I stopped being pretentious and started acting more like the ‘true’ Adarsh. However, you can’t change a lifetime of acts in a short period of time. I’m trying my best though.

The start of “About Everything and Nothing”

                Also, 2011 marks my first year of blogging. It was fun putting all my thoughts into words. I preserved a slice of my life in these blogs and I love it. I still smile when I go through the entries that I wrote while my exams were going on and how I was battling them. There’s a lot more to come in the following year though!

Other stuff

                The vacation to the Paradise on Earth, Kashmir also opened my eyes and gave me a much needed break. Made me truly appreciate nature’s beauty and the joys of travelling.

                - I graduated to mystery and thriller novels. It all started with a Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer and around 10-15 novels later, I’m loving it!

                 - Got hooked to the serials on Star World. It all started with Dexter. I just finished watching the finale of Terra Nova. I’m currently hooked to the Big Bang Theory.

                - I had a hard time fighting over my addiction to computer games. I managed to prevail in the end though. And, this blog was kind of born out of that addiction so, I don’t mind it one bit :D

                 - I got my first portable gizmo this year after winning a bet with my mom. An iPod touch. Never mind the fact that it’s the first generation, it still works like a charm.

                 - I also attended this one summer camp by the British Council Library. It was a fun-filled 3 weeks and I pretty much loved it. Met a lot of interesting people there!

                 - The volleyball bug caught me yet again!

The best thing to have happened this year

                However, the best thing that happened to me was –

                On September 1st of this year, I stumbled upon something that changed my life. Literally.

                For reasons that are still unclear, I typed “Physics” into the youtube search bar and the results caused an irreversible chemical change. The first result read something along the lines of (8.01 Physics : Classical Mechanics. MIT ). I was like “MIT? The name sounds familiar. Let me go check” and then, I pressed the link.

                For the next 15 minutes, I was hooked. I probably didn’t even blink. Walter Lewin amazed me. After 15 minutes, I found myself dazed. Part of my brain was awed that I could watch lectures from MIT on youtube and the other part that lecturers could be so awesome as Walter Lewin.

                I clicked on their channel and it read “1727 uploads”. I almost fell down from my chair. After a bit of more search, I was led to their admissions website.
After spending an hour or two on it, I realized something.

I was made for MIT.

                Seriously, from then, life hasn’t really been the same. Reading through the admission blogs took me into some kind of fairy-tale trip. Each and every minute on the website just strengthened my conviction that I was made for MIT.

                My facebook status on September 1st, 2011 read 
feels like I've finally found a purpose....Emm..Eye..Tee...Here I come! ;P

            It felt surreal to be honest. For the first time in my life, I had a purpose. I’m not kidding.

                Life was never the same. I realized a lot of stuff while reading through those blogs. My view of the world was shaken, never to be the same again. For the first time, I’d come across people of my kind! I began taking pride in being a ‘nerd’. Also, MIT told me that life is not all about studying. Find what you love and do it.

3 months into that search, I haven’t really found much but, I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the process.

                Also, learning took a whole new meaning. Learning wasn’t ‘boring’ or stuff that I just did anymore. I actually began liking studying. My attitude towards it has changed.

                3 months later, I’m still determined to make it there. I frequent their admissions facebook page atleast once a day for any new updates. Though there’s a  ~0.25% chance of me getting in, I’m not ready to lose hope because I know I was meant to be there.

Final Thoughts

                In all, 2011 was a pretty wonderful year. On a scale of 1-10 on how satisfied I was with the way I spent the year, I’d give myself an 8.  

                I’ll be welcoming 2012 with a grin on my face and hope that it is my best year yet.

Until next time,

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