Sunday, December 4, 2011

Memories of Childhood

                5482 days. That’s how old my ‘childhood’ is. If I could equate my childhood with one thing, it would be a roller coaster. It had its ups and downs but the ride always was thrilling.

                 I was born a member of generation Z. A generation that grew up with gadgets and unsurprisingly, they dominated my life.

                I was introduced to the world of electronics when I was gifted a computer by my uncle 12 years ago. Over the course of the next few years, we became inseparable friends. I spent almost every waking minute on it. Had you asked me who my best-friend was? the answer would have definitely been “Computer”. In fact, they ‘influenced’ me so much that almost every thought of mine had a computer in it.

                I currently have 2 dogs as pets. One of them is known as “Johnny”. She came into my life in the year  1999. I was just 3 years old then. So, we practically grew up together. If you have dogs at your house, you know what a wonderful feeling it is to have them as pets. I still fondly remember the days when Johnny used to be right there waiting for me to come home from school. As soon as I did, it used to run to me and jump on me with joy. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone waiting for you when you go back home.

Today, Johnny is 12 years old. Yeah, she’s an old woman now but, believe me when I tell you that even today her face exults the same happiness as it did years ago.

                There’s one other part of my childhood that I can’t ignore. Pokemon. Yep, you heard that right. Pokemon.

I’m pretty sure most of you present here remember Pokemon. You do, don’t you? If you don’t, well, it basically was a cartoon which had a cult-like following all over the world.

My childhood revolved around it. Trying to put the amount of attachment I had to it in words just isn’t possible. I used to watch it, every single day. I’m not kidding when I say that I watched it 300 days a year without a break. The 30 minutes from 5 o’ clock to 5:30 would be spent entirely in watching pokemon. I probably wouldn’t have picked up the phone even if the prime minister was calling me. I can vividly remember the countless times when I felt a sense of euphoria rush through me when I say Ash triumph in a battle. Also, I recollect the times when I was almost on the verge of tears after a ‘sentimental’ scene on it.

Not my collection. Mine is much much bigger.
                Speaking of pokemon reminds me of my obsession with collecting it’s tazo’s. Remember the free pokemon ‘tazo’ that we used to get with every packet of cheetos. Well, I’m pretty sure I must have been cheetos’s most valuable customer back then. Most toys don’t last for 6 months. But, my love for these Tazo’s has made me store them for more than 6 years. Even today, when I glance at them, I’m engulfed by nostalgia.

Anyways, moving on.

                Most of my childhood was spent in reading. I was an avid reader as a child, I still am. If you were to ask me how much I loved reading as a kid on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d reply  11. Reading took me into a different dimension, one filled with fairies, elves and every other mythical character you can think of. While today I’ve moved on from fairies and elves to crime and thrillers, if asked to choose between the two genres, I’d definitely choose the latter any day.

Get what I mean?
                Even as a kid, science always interested me. I had the curiosity bug. Everyone would despise to be alone in my company because then they’d have to answer my never-ending questions. My childhood is filled with instances when I asked doubts which even the teacher couldn’t answer. Aliens, planets, space, cosmos, galaxies, stars and on and on. They sounded exciting to me. I’d spend hours just staring at the moon. It seemed so ‘unreal’. It felt odd. We were just tiny ‘insignificant’ beings living on a planet in the middle of nowhere. It still feels odd.

                Anyways, moving on, I loved seeing ‘awed’ faces of people when I solved puzzles that they couldn’t even figure out the head or tail of. I spent hours trying to fix LEGO pieces to build stuff.

Me aboard a horse in Pahalgam (Jammu and Kashmir)
                 Travelling also filled up a major part of my childhood. I’ve been to so many places in India that I’ve lost count of them. Right from the fabled Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the paradise on Earth, Jammu and Kashmir. Seeing new sights and learning about different cultures excites me!

Then again, there’s stuff that I had common with other children.

 Like most of us, I was fascinated by the light in the fridge. I used to close the door very slowly just to see when the light would turn off. I was afraid of monsters under the bed as well. I loved putting my hand out of the window when it rained. As a kid I wondered why the school started so early if sleep was really that important. Also, I miss the days when my legs were too small and when I used to sit on a chair, they wouldn’t reach the ground and I’d keep moving them back and forth.

It’s hilarious when you think about the stuff you used to do as a kid.

                If I was given an option of choosing between my childhood and all the riches in the world, I’d choose my childhood any day.

                It wasn’t easy trying to fit 15 years of memories into a 1000 thousand words but, I’ve given it my best shot.             


  1. Awesome!! However you should see my pokemon collection!! id beat you hands down :P

  2. That's not my collection! Mine's much bigger!

    Anyways, hope I'll get to see your's one day :)