Thursday, December 29, 2011

                As I’m typing this from my room, all of my friends are moving at around 90 kmph. All of them went on a 6 day field trip to some places in Northern India for sight-seeing. I didn’t sign up for that field trip. Why? Don’t ask me because I honestly don’t know for sure. But now, I so really want to be there with them and I’m sulking.

                However, AM tells me “Adarsh, can you please explain to me the point of sulking? It isn’t going to change anything! You took that decision now, it’s up to you to bear the consequences. I’m not going to tell you if it was a good or bad decision because it all depends on the way you see it. If you keep sulking for the next 7 days, it’s definitely going to be a bad decision. However, it can be a good decision as well. Of course, nothing can substitute the joy of spending those 7 days with your friends but, at least doing something is better than doing nothing. Do something, anything that can at least attempt to make up for this decision of yours.”

                Me – “Coming to think of it, you’re probably right. Sulking isn’t really going to change anything. But what do I do to make up for it?”

                Am – “That is something only you yourself can answer. I can just give you some hints. The new year’s coming, maybe you could create a list of your resolutions? How about becoming proficient in all of the Khan Academy exercises? You could probably watch a few videos on science as well. You could even create some videos. Personalize your room? Draw stuff to put up on the walls? Blog? Bring out your guitar from the confines of the underworld? Clean your room? Read the editorials? Play cricket? Take Dingo/Johnny out for a walk? Finish reading “For the Love of Physics”? Photoshop some stuff? Prepare for the EIOF exams? Prepare for the IEO? …..the list goes on and on.”

                Me – “That’s a great list. I’ve got so much stuff to do over the next seven days. Thanks mate, you’ve been of great help.”

                Am – “What would you ever do without me? :D”

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