Thursday, November 17, 2011

NSO – 2011 – Unofficial Key – Xth Class

Hello there!

                Well, I  wrote this exam(NSO) today. I saw so many people asking for the key to the question paper on SOF’s facebook page. I’m pretty sure that it’ll be a day or two before they release the key so for those who can’t wait that much time to check your answers, I decided to create an unofficial key to the question paper.

                The following is what I think are the answers to the questions. I’ve pretty much thought over all of them, done a bit of research and these answers are what I could come up with.

 If you think any of them are wrong, just tell me so in the comments area. I’ll ponder over your dimension of the problem and will argue my point with you. If you manage to win me over with your solution, I’ll post it as the answer with credits to you J.

And, as you can see, some questions beat me. I couldn’t make head or tail out of them. If you can justify your answer to them in the comments area, I’ll gladly include them.

And, the key starts here! Hope you had a good exam J

  1.       (B)  131/300
2.       (A) 483
3.       (D) None of these
4.       (D) 400%
5.       (A) 3,2
6.       (C) Flying
7.       (B) Mean>Mode
8.       (B) 24
9.       (D) 12
10.   (D) 203/3-root-3
11.   (C) I
12.   (B) 7
13.   (B) ii and iii
14.   (C) 1
15.   (B) 308

Part 2 – Science

16.   (D) Does it affect the direction in which a compass needle points?
17.   (C) 50%
18.   ???? I must admit that this one beat me.
19.   (D) The difference in mass between the original nuclei and product nuclei
20.   (A) 1s
21.   (B) 4.8J
22.   ??
23.   (B) Q
24.   (C) The person can read the letters from 6m which the normal eye can read from 12m
25.   (D) 1.00m and 0.50m
26.   ??
27.   (B) HNO3  + 3HCL
28.   (B) Less
29.   (C) Nitrogen Dioxide
30.   (B) Solid X is sodium and the gas evolved is Hydrogen
31.   (C) Undergoes molecular reactions and is soluble in organic solvents
32.   (D)
33.   (D) S
34.   (D)
35.   (A)
36.   ??
37.   (B) 0.45 mol
38.   (A)
39.   (B)
40.   (B)
41.   ??
42.   (C) Carbon Dioxide in the air – 90% sure
43.   ??
44.   (D)
45.   ??
46.   (A) Boiling drinking water
47.   ??
48.   (C)
49.   (D)
50.   (A)

Don’t worry. I haven’t got all of them correct either. If my calculations are right, I’ll be getting around 40. I was pretty pathetic at the last 10 questions, got only 2-3 correct.

Anyways, let me know in the comments if this key helped you in any way J


  1. see this

  2. Nice link ayyush:) Im getting 37.
    what will be my rank ? :P Im curious :P

  3. Hey Ayush,

    Though the key looks pretty good and most of my answers match, I still find some really doubtful.

    Maybe we'll just have to wait for the official key before we know who's correct :)

    Thanks for it anyway!