Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting Punished

                Yesterday, I was punished for not doing my home-work by a teacher. That’s something that hasn’t happened in a long-long time (maybe decades). It was a ‘wonderful’ experience and I just felt that I had to record it in my blog. So, here it is.
                I had to finish solving all the problems from the chapter Arithmetic Progressions in my class work and submit it. I didn’t solve them all.

Now, I don’t like giving reasons for not doing stuff because they often hold no ground. If I had really wanted to finish solving the problems, I could’ve easily spent an extra hour before sleeping to do them but, I didn’t. Why? I felt that my mind was already ‘heated’ up because of ‘intense’ (Ahem Ahem) studying for the Olympiads. In other words, I just didn’t feel like doing it.

                While on my way to school, I did think about it. I didn’t feel that good about not doing the work because the teacher had strictly told(commanded rather) us to submit them tomorrow and I even told her that I would. I didn’t feel good about going back on my word.

I planned to complete them all upon reaching school. Now, I’m pretty good at math (Duh!). I can usually finish an exercise in half the time that my friends (no offense meant!) take because my mind works like a bullet train. Okay, enough of narcissism. What I meant that my mind accepted the plan as it was perfectly feasibly.
                I reached school about 5 minutes before the assembly began, and started completing my work furiously. I didn’t attend the assembly either. Oops. Don’t tell anyone that! I’m already in enough trouble :P

I swear that I could’ve finished the work but thinking is a lot different that doing. While thinking, humans tend to consider only a few factors and don’t even bother to glance at the rest. Factors like chatting with friends, writing at a slow pace and maintaining excessive neatness also take up a significant amount of time.
The math period started and I still had a lot to do. Everyone submitted their books and she(the teacher!) started correcting them. Around 15 minutes later, she asked who didn’t submit their books for correction.

I didn’t stand up. I acted as though I was too busy to have heard what she had said. 3 others stood up. She started ‘scolding’ them. Then, a friend of mine asked her a doubt and her gaze turned away for a second. It was then that I stood up and announced (lol) that I had not done my homework. I still had to do a few sums (Read few exercises).

                Her eyes grew wide and she told something like “You didn’t do it! How could you not when I told you so strictly that you had to submit them today.” I thought of telling her that “I was busy preparing for some Olympiads” but, I chose not to because that really wasn’t the reason. I could’ve done it if I had wanted to, I didn’t. Now, it was time to face the music.

                Then she said “When I’m punishing them, how can I leave you. I’m going to have to punish you as well.” I was like “When did I tell you to treat me differently?” Well, I didn’t do the home-work and I was ready to accept whatever punishment she gave because I probably deserved it.

                Then she announced “I’m taking you all to Mala Aunty.” My pulse did go up for a second. In case you are wondering who “Mala Aunty” is, she’s our principal and we address all our teachers as ‘aunties’ lol.

                Any punishment like -- writing the questions that we didn’t complete - 20 times is totally acceptable for me. But, taking us to mala aunty is in a totally different dimension. I’m pretty sure that if she saw me with the others who had not done the homework, she would be like “Adarsh! I’m surprised to see you here! I didn’t expect this from you!”

Seriously, I hate it when somebody tells me something like that. I’m always like “Good. From now on, expect it. I’m no friggin’ android.” But I don’t say anything out loud of course.

                I did get ‘scared’ about the punishment for a second. But, our teacher isn’t that ‘sadistic’. At least I don’t think she is. She thought about it for like 30 seconds and then told us to come out of our benches. I was pretty scared. When she told us to sit on the floor and complete our work. I was like “PHEW!” I was glad. I gathered my note-book and textbook and sat on the floor. All in a nano-second. I didn’t want her to change her mind. Sitting on the floor is not half as bad as going to the princy’s office.

                I then started solving the problems as though some devil was behind me. I can’t really remember the last time I solved them that ‘fast’. Pretty slow when compared to my younger days but pretty much above standard today. She then told us that we were going to sit on the floor until we completed our work. Deep down, I knew that she wouldn’t do anything like that but, then again, I couldn’t be sure. She even looked at our time-table and told the name “Alka” (name of our hindi teacher) out loud as if she was solidifying her stand.

                I just went on doing the problems as fast as I could. The others were doing the same but, there was a difference. A big difference. While they were copying from other’s book – which is just like Xeroxing stuff – I was actually solving the questions. And, I did far more problems than them because I had to finish them all and took approximately the same time. Sigh. I’ve always been a narcissist :P

                10 or 15 minutes later, when I was totally into the problems I was doing and all voices except for the teacher’s were drowned into oblivion, I heard the teacher say something. She said “Where’s Adarsh?” I looked up and turned my head towards her. She then saw where I was(on the floor!) and then half-smirkingly said “Look how coolly he’s sitting there.” Seriously, that thing probably made my day :P Why? You figure that out.

                Anyway, the weather was pretty awesome. Cloudy and cool. In other words, almost perfect. And, I didn’t know that the floor could be so cold. It was pretty awesome - let me give you that. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that writing wasn’t that easy. I had to ‘kneel’ down to be able to write properly. But, on the whole, the floor was pretty comfortable.

                The bell rang. I looked to see how many more questions I had to do. It was just 3 more. I told myself “Let your values get washed away in a flood. COPY!” I conceded ground and took my friends book to copy the answers word to word like Xeroxing stuff without giving a second glance to what I’m writing. But, the math teacher went away before I could finish them and our hindi teacher came in. I was sitting on the floor when she came in but I don’t think she saw me. I quickly stood up and went to my desk. Our math teacher hadn’t told her anything. See? I was right. She isn’t that bad after all.

                I wanted to finish solving those problems in the hindi period but, common sense prevailed. I decided that getting punished once was okay. Twice is a big no-no. I decided to wait until the period ended and then complete my work.

                Well, 5 minutes was all I needed to ‘carbon-copy’ the stuff. I quickly went over and gave the teacher my book. She said in a ‘surprised’ manner “Oh. You finished already.”  She clearly wasn’t expecting me to give the book just then because the last time she saw, I had to do 30-something questions in about 35 minutes. But, I forgave her for not expecting it. She doesn’t know me :P

Overall, I really liked the experience. I mean, it’s not something that happens often. I usually complete my work before the submission date and sometimes after coming to school but, I almost always complete the stuff. On days that I don’t, the teacher’s don’t scold me as if it’s the end of the world. They just tell me to submit it the next day with a few extra words. But, to be honest, I don’t really like listening those ‘extra words’ that’s why I usually finish all my work.

And, don’t tell them I said this but, most teachers don’t really want to ‘punish’ me. Why? I don’t know why. This math teacher, well, she’s new and, the main reason I got the punishment was because I wasn’t the only guy who hadn’t completed the work. There were 3 others. Now, she couldn’t possibly let me go and punish those 3. Nor could she leave us all because the other 3, well, let’s just leave it at that. Had I been the only one who hadn’t completed the work, then things would have definitely been different.

Anyway, that was my try at stuffing 45 memorable minutes into, 1500 words. Actually, if that’s the amount of words that it takes to write 45 minutes of my experiences then, everyday of my life could be a short novel of 15,000 + words. :D

Until Next time,

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