Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fabulous Fifteen

                It’s my birthday today!

Yep, 15 years ago on this day, I was born. We didn’t know each other then but somehow, our paths have crossed and I have no idea what destiny awaits us.

                It’s 2:30 am right now and to be really honest, my mind’s blank. I’m awake because I’m unable to sleep because of some breathing problem. I can’t wait for dawn because that’s when the viruses in my body hibernate and my White Blood Cells can finally annihilate them. WBC’s in my body are like Komodo dragons. They are cowards. They don’t go on a one-one battle with the viruses but instead, they track them and just infect them. Only when they are sure that the viruses are totally incapacitated do they attack them. Sorry about that, Terra Nova is still on my mind.

                And, I’m looking for ways to integrate online learning with the offline mode and somehow have down-time between the two. Any advice/suggestion would be appreciated :)

                Anyways, I think I’ll stop writing now. My mind’s drawing a complete blank.

Until next time,

PS : Time to change the '14 year old' into '15 year old' on my google profile :P

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