Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Water and I go a long way back

...Just playing around with 'change'... :P

Adarsh was holidaying in the Andaman & Nicobar islands. On one of the countless islands he visited, he had an experience of a life-time. No not by watching the diverse marine life. Read on to know..

Adarsh enters the treacherous(read extremely calm) waters.

Unfazed by the strength of the waves that crash onto him, he moves on. But, he doesn’t know what awaits him.

Yes, just metres away, the land takes a turn down. How deep, nobody knows.  Unaware of this, he moves on. 
Soon, he’s right on the edge of it but, he still doesn’t know. He’s too busy watching a ship over the horizon.

He lifts his back leg and thrusts it forwards. But, seconds later, he realizes something was very wrong, his leg hadn’t yet touched the land. He thinks “Oh-Oh… o_O”

However, by some miracle - that he still doesn't understand - He doesn't fall into the abyss. Instead, he manages to balance himself and not fall down(a one in a million scenario).

Seconds later, his heart beating furiously, Adarsh is back on the beach thinking “Did that just happen?”
He then realizes how close he was to dying (because he doesn’t know how to swim and, he also doesn’t trust the life-guards).

…The End…


Please note that Adarsh never went back and checked that place to verify the facts. He didn’t need to, it was as clear as a crystal *Wink*.

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