Tuesday, October 11, 2011


  Bandhs on the name of ‘Telangana’ have given us so many holidays in the past few years. I couldn’t possibly keep mum about it. So, I thought I’ll give a brief description of what exactly it is and what I think of it.

For starters, I live in a state called “Andhra Pradesh”.

So, it is (was) divided into three regions, Telangana, Andhra and Rayalseema. We all share a common language, Telugu. Yet, it is spoken very differently in all these places and it serves as a tool to know from where the person is from.
Well, since independence, the Telangana region has mostly been forgotten by the government. Other than the capital city of Hyderabad (which comes under Telangana), the rest of the surrounding districts are under-developed. However, in Andhra, the districts and cities are quite developed.

This caused a rift with the Telangana people asking the government to support them as well. But, when it was clear that this was not going to happen, they demanded that a separate state of Telangana be formed so that they can take care of their own affairs.
As far as my knowledge goes, that started in the 1960s or the 1970s. That movement died down until a few years back when a fresh movement arose. The government promised Telangana but then backed down and that enraged these people and they started rebelling again.

Well, that was about the Telangana movement in a nutshell from the view of a 15-year old. However, some things need to be mentioned. The government is reluctant to give Telangana because the chances that they’ll be re-elected are next to nil and for a myriad of other reasons which as far as I know are selfish.

Well, born and brought up in Hyderabad my whole life and as a member of Generation Z, I don’t quite really consider myself an expert in this. But, I think I know the outline (or what I think it is).

 To be very honest, I think that this rebellion/movement is being carried out inefficiently. I mean, they all are rioting/ breaking the glass-panes of buses and all but I really think that they can induce pressure on the Central government in many other ways more effectively.

Before I write anything else, let me tell you that the below things are just my thoughts. I mean, I don't think I could do any better than the people now in managing this movement as there are many things that warrant attention behind the scenes as well. So, consider the below thing as rants. Just rants.

Let me put my point across with a down-to-earth example. Many people are committing suicide because of ‘Telangana’. Now, they are dying, people are condemning their death by taking out rally’s but that’s about it. It dies down soon and those people are forgotten. Now, I really think that they could have had a higher impact. Recently, a person climbed a tower for the cause of Telangana threatening to jump off if the state was not given. He climbed down after a full-day on top of it. That thing had a lot of coverage.

Now, that gave me an idea. Well, take 10 people who are willing to spend a few months in jail or die for the cause of Telangana. Choose ten towers all around the city, give them each a bag of kerosene, matches, cell-phones. And, orchestrate an event such that all of them climb at the same time.

Now, that would cause an uproar. I might be under-estimating Hyderabad police but, I’m pretty sure that they won’t be quite ready for such a situation like this. That’s because I don’t think that something like this would’ve ever taken place anywhere. Anyway, back to it.

I’m pretty sure that this would hit the national news. And, once it hits it, people all over the country will grow aware of this movement. I don’t think that people are aware about this situation right now. This thing would make sure.

And, nobody needs to die or something. They just need to be good actors. I mean, they shouldn’t jump off the tower, they should just act as if they are going to. The police can’t not take notice of them because then their ethics (is this the right word?) would come into question.

Alright, I agree. This plan is far-fetched and is pretty ruthless. I mean, I’m treating people as if they’re cattle or something. That is bad and I agree. But, no loss no gain.

Anyways, besides that, there are many things that can be done to increase pressure.  I mean, blocking off of important points, doing stuff the right way, executing rally’s in a way that the police are bamboozled and stuff.

I honestly think that they need someone who can plan stuff intelligently. They need a commander/ somebody who can chalk out great strategies and execute them to the very core perfectly. A single perfectly executed battle is better than hundreds of battles without a cause or direction.

As far as I am concerned, they need a general. Somebody who can strategize and put things to reality. I cannot believe that they couldn’t think of this before, I mean, oh come on! That’s common sense.

Years of playing Age of Empires and other FPS’s have shown me how strategy is more important than just brute force. They’ve taught me to be a great strategizer. It works, really.

I’m now going to stop writing this because I think that I’ve made my point. Strategy can indeed turn the tide of the battles. ‘Over-killing’ doesn’t always work.

Now, now, this might land me in jail. But, I don’t think that a 15-year-old can be jailed unless he has committed a juvenile offense like murder or something. And, I’m not quite sure if what I typed above can be used in a court against me. I mean, I just you know, voiced my thoughts. They can’t jail me for causing the breach of national security. Right to freedom of press! LoL.


  1. These seemandra leaders and people first agitate for Samikyandra as though they really care or love for the wish of telangana people,

    I say if Hyderabad is seperated from telangana or if Hyderabad is declared UT then these people are ready to accept telangana tomorrow...

    How insane and cheap these people minds from seemandra!!

    Today 80 % of seemandra people from seemandra region dosenot have any problem with telangana state formation as most of them have never seen the Telangana (Hyderabad).

    Only the problem is with these greedy seemandra leaders and people who have looted enough and are afraid wants hyderabad to be seperated..

    Its totally pathetic view of these silly seemandra leaders, and their followers...

    and how do you expect that we should be united with these seemandra cheaters?

  2. To be very honest, I didn't quite understand the point that you're trying to make.