Thursday, October 13, 2011

Results of First term

Today was judgement day. In other words, I got to know how I fared in my first summative exams.

 To be honest, I don’t quite know if I should act happy or sad or surprised. It’s just that things panned out exactly like I was expecting them too.

Anyway, here are my marks (I’m just writing them here so that I can refer to them 20 years later from my lab in some deep forests in South America researching something and lol!)

Math: 78 ½ out of 80. Well, I made a few silly mistakes and I deserved losing those 1 and ½ marks. A guy with a 79 came first :S

Social: 73 …I messed up the MCQ’s and the map once again. Aah! I so hate it! A girl (o_O) beat me in this subject by getting 1 and a ½ mark more. I can’t believe it! Social is my territory! Sigh.

Hindi : 64 and a ½  …. I wanted to get 70+ but, I was expecting these marks. So, I’m not surprised. And, I’m first in this subject. Lol. The irony, the kid who ‘apparently’ never speaks in hindi gets the first rank. Lol!

Science : 75-76 Well, quite pleased. A guy got more than me in this one by ½ a mark.

English : ?????

Well, even though I placed first in only one subject, I’m still the guy with the most marks because the only ‘three’ people who posed a ‘threat’ to me faltered in Hindi and I gained quite a good lead. Math just strengthened that lead and Science maintained it. Social as well. It all depends on English now. If I get only a single mark less than them then, I’ll be the first (yaay) but, if not, doesn’t matter ;) I will still be happy with my performance. I tried my best J.

And, I’ll probably be getting a GPA of 4.8/5. Well, it’s pretty good but, to be honest I was planning on getting a 5/5 GPA so that, I could aim for that perfect 10. Well, guess that’s not going to happen now.

Atleast, on the brighter side, it shows that I’m a human. :P

Until next time,

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