Friday, October 21, 2011

Quiz tomorrow!

Quiz tomorrow

My apologies for not posting since the last 3 days, I was busy and my mind drew a complete blank whenever my thoughts turned to writing something over here.

Anyways, the reason I’m writing this post is to tell you all that I’m participating in my first-ever quiz tomorrow. I mean, first-ever ‘outside’ quiz.

 Well, we were told about the quiz 2 days ago and, I was all-in for it from the very first moment.

Here’s a confession: If I were to give myself a score on my general knowledge quotient on a scale of ten, then I’d probably get a perfect circle. Alright, I’m exaggerating. I’ll probably get a ‘minus-one’.

 Anyway, I was all pumped up about it. So, I decided to go through the dungeons of hell and wrench out some GK books. I found like 3-4 and decided that I’ll finish them all in 2 days. ROFL.

 I knew from the very start that winning the quiz thingy was very improbable (One in a million chance). I had no doubt about it. I just didn’t want to surrender without a fight. I wanted to put up a fight.

So, the first day, the motivation was pretty high, I managed to go through a lot of text and could remember it all but, I didn’t know what was in store.

I had a really-really bad night. I couldn’t sleep properly! It felt weird, I cannot quite express it in words.

I didn’t quite understand why I had such a sleepless night.

The next day, I did the same – went over GK books and stuff.

I had another sleepless night. This one, I can remember it vaguely. Let me explain it to you all with an example – When we are multiplying two numbers, say 100 and 381. We consider 100 as a whole. But, my mind decided to make 100 into ( 1+1+1+1+….+1) and 381 into (1+1+1+…+1) And then, proceeded to multiply them. I know it sounds weird but I think it explains what I went through pretty well. In simple words, instead of counting 1 as a whole, I divided it into partitions and went on counting them. Why? I don’t know.

The third day, which is today, I was down with a headache, throat infection, blocked nose and a running nose. I didn’t quite understand why it happened all of a sudden. Then, it struck me.

Quizzing is not my thing.

Over the past few days, I was skimming through GK books trying to remember everything. I went on and on and on. They were just raw facts which basically had no connection between them and I was trying to remember them all! I assumed that I could do that. I can but, I realized something.

My mind wasn’t built to process information like that.

 I mean, you cannot take random facts and force them into my head. You can but my mind will over-heat and break down.
That’s exactly what had happened during those two nights.

I just felt like ranting about it here so, I wrote this post.

Anyway, I have that quiz tomorrow and I really hope that I’ll at least go to the second round though I know that it’s going to be real tough. Real-real tough. No offense meant, but, my team-mates aren’t really that ‘great’. The only hope lies in me and I’ve realized that quizzing isn’t my forte. Aah!

Anyways, wish me luck!

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