Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(Part 2) Would I care if the World Ended Tomorrow?

(Check the last post before you read this one. Click here.)

Last time around, I was so bent upon proving that I really didn’t care. But, a lot has happened since the time I wrote that post. I’ve found something. It feels as though my mind has ‘stretched’ and out-grown its earlier dimensions.

Earlier, life was monotonous. It was the same old routine every single day. I just did things for the sake of doing and I found no joy in it.

In other words, I was goalless. I had no aim or ambition in life. That left me running up and down the football-field unsure about where to score.

Of lately, a goal has materialized. I’ve realized it now. Life’s empty without goals. A goal challenges you to work hard, to explore things that you never gave a second thought to before. A goal gives you a purpose to life and makes you want to live.

“A goal gives you a purpose to life” – That sentence has a very profound meaning. Once you have a goal that you are bent upon achieving, life will no longer be monotonous. Every day will be a learning process, a chance for you to improve your chances of scoring. Be it improving agility, dexterity, passing or anything else, everything will have meaning. When you do something, you’ll know that you’re doing it for a reason and not just for the sake of doing it.

 That ‘reason’ helps in motivating you to keep working hard.

 Now, I’ll explain with my very own example.

   If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll probably know what my goal is but, in case you don’t, it is – “I want to study in MIT.”

 You’ll probably be like “So, this was all about joining some random college? I couldn’t care less about it.” 
Well, this isn’t about any random college. And, don’t take it the wrong way but, I don’t want you to care. I just want to help you understand.

Anyways, getting back, I want to study at MIT. That goal didn’t materialize out of nowhere (actually, it sort of did). I mean, the moment I saw the word ‘MIT’ somewhere, I didn’t know that I want to be there. Instead, I realized that I wanted to go there only after going through their entire admissions website and their blogs. I got to know things that I wouldn’t possibly have known. Soon, I came to a conclusion that MIT is my goal. I want to go there.

In my earlier post I said “I couldn’t care less about school. Oh come on! No kid in their right senses would look forward to school a.k.a studies.

Well, as surprising as it may sound but, I am eagerly looking forward to school and studies now. I’m excited about it because my goal(MIT) showed me that studies can indeed be fun. In fact, the thirst inside me for more knowledge was awakened thanks to it. I realized how much I loved learning new things. And, school is all about learning new things.

My typical day starts with studies, is followed with studies and then with some hours of homework and ends with sleep. Well, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would look forward to this.
My day doesn’t look like that anymore. I mean, I view my day from an entirely different view-point now. I can’t really describe it because school hasn’t started yet but, trust me, I’m actually looking forward to it now. Studies were something that I despised before but now, they are in the form of water to my thirst for knowledge.

If I were to say what my typical day would look like, here’s something :

My day starts with stuff that’s more advanced than what I study at school. I get to solve hard mathematics problems, know how electricity works and marvel at the way Physics affects everything. Then, I go to school. Over there, I get to catch up with my friends and talk my heart out. I learn why the Vietnam war started, how the government works, I get to learn new concepts in math, then some literature in English. Then, I come home and spend my time doing things I love, research and stuff. Then, I look over what was taught in school so that I can remember it better. Then, I go to sleep with a calm mind because I know that I’ve done something significant today and I’m on my way to achieving my goal.

See? There’s so much more. In fact, I myself am surprised.

The reason for me writing all that was to show you guys how having a goal can change your viewpoint by quantum leaps.

So, Would I care if the world ended Tomorrow?
The answer is Yes, I’d indeed care if it ended tomorrow. I have a goal to achieve.

With that, I bid adieu.

Until next time,