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The Landmark Quiz ’11 – Hyderabad

I was part of the Landmark Quiz ’11, Hyderabad.

   That was the quiz that I was talking about in my previous post.

 It was my first-ever quiz and, it was really good. I don’t really know what other quizzes are like.. but, I had lots of fun (YES. FUN) with my friends during the 5+ hours that we spent in the auditorium. What follows is something on the lines of my journal for the day. Read on!

After a series of comical misunderstandings (Which I’ll write about some other day), we reached the auditorium at around 2:45. 15 minutes past 2:30 which we thought to be the time when the quiz was going to start. 
We were like “Crap! We’re late!” But, what followed was 45 minutes of waiting. The quiz was scheduled to start at 3:30pm, we cursed ourselves for rushing to the auditorium but, there wasn’t much we could do so we just waited.

We were sitting in the first row (titled ‘R’) on the balcony. Possibly the best view. Since we were sitting in the first row, there was no possibility of any ‘human’ giraffe sitting in front of us and blocking the view the entire show. So, we were pretty well off.

Those 45 minutes were spent by laughing over the choice of music that the organizers chose to play. I don’t know what the name of that band was but, they were (in the 1960s probably) very popular. But now? Oh come on! They just went on singing some crappy songs which according to me and the rest of my mates were terrible. Anyways, we managed to survive them.

The clock read 5 minutes to 3:30 when this lady announces that we must stick to our seats and announces that our quizmaster, Dr. Javin something-something is going to shortly announce the general rules and start the prelims.

 Each team (consisting of three members) was handed out a answer sheet where we were supposed to write our answers for the prelims and then, submit them for correction. The top 8 teams then qualify for the finals which are held on the stage and consist of 5 rounds.

 After explaining the above, the quizmaster said “I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that there would be so many school teams participating. The questions are bit tough. But, anyway, make a wild-guess. You never know when you may be correct.” At this point, I just looked at my team-mates and lifted the index finger of my right hand and sliced it on my neck implying “We’re dead.” As if that wasn’t obvious!

Then, the preliminaries started. There were 40 questions that we had to answer. Some of them had audio and visual aids but most were just text. I’ll post some of the questions at the end of this post, check them out and you’ll know that the questions weren’t that easy after all.

 Though we didn’t answer 85% of the questions correctly, the preliminaries were fun. I experienced a lot of feelings that  I didn’t know could be so fun.

I experienced the joy that fills you to the brim, when you realize that a totally-wild guess of yours went right and you thought that it couldn’t possibly be the answer. Yet, you wrote it down because you didn’t have any other option.

Then, there was the joy of recollecting the answer to a question when the answer literally vanished from your mind momentarily.

Then, there was this amazing feeling that I experienced when a question was asked on something that didn’t have much value to me 4 years ago but then, the dots connected and here I was with an extra point. (More on this question and the answer, at the end of this post.)

 Then, the feeling you get when a question totally stumps you and you can’t even make head or tail out of it. To quote a friend “Some questions, all of them, are like greek to me.”

…When someone else shouts out the answer to a question that you don’t know the answer to and you write it down and it turns out to be correct!

And on and on and on, I had a wonderful time during the prelims!

Once the answers to the questions in the preliminaries were answered, we were given a break of about 45 minutes before the finals began.

Many people, including us, realized that there was no way that we were going to be in the final eight. However, unlike us, they decided to go (away). We, decided to stay back and watch the finals from our vantage points because we were enjoying it.

In the 45 minutes break, I decided that I wanted to make that day more memorable so, I decided to get lost wantedly. But, the place wasn’t big enough. I managed to throw my friends off my scent but, we chanced upon each other after a few minutes. Not what I’d call ‘memorable’adventure :/

Anyways, the final started at about 5:30.

The team names were pretty interesting (And, I thought that my team called “Three Siri’s” would win the first prize but, hey! I didn’t know we could name teams like that!).

The three that caught my attention were –
“Quizzing Irregulars”
“Naa gun ki license ledu, mee life ki insurance ledu.” ( I know, weird name!)
“Holy Nexus”

Well, the others were pretty well-named but, nothing that could catch my fancy.

We were then told that “Nawabs of Mahab” came first in the preliminaries by scoring 33/40 (OMG!) and the cut-off to be on stage was around 24-25 (He didn’t say that, but, he implied it)

 Then, the finals began.

The questions..ummm… they were interesting! I could hardly answer a few out of them but, I had a heck of a time gaping in awe at the contestants who managed to answer them! I was like “WoW!”

Then, there were audience questions too. I knew the answer to a few of them but, the quizmaster never really looked up to the balcony where we were sitting so, I didn’t get to answer any. That was the only part that I didn’t like (And, of course, the free snickers were over by the time I got there :/)

 Anyway, the finals was dotted with logical answers by the contestants and the quizmaster managed to make us laugh at times by his witty quips.

 After 3 rounds or so, things were getting a bit boring and I even contemplated leaving but, I’d sat till now. I didn’t want to leave without knowing who won the quiz. We stayed back.

The leading team, “Naa Gun..etc..etc..” was leading over “Quizzing irregulars” by 11 points. There were still 3 questions to go but then, all of them were answered before the question could get to the quizzing irregulars and the last one was answered by “Naa Gun..” which resulted in them extending their lead by 21 points and, in the words of the quizmaster, “And, Naa Gun etc. etc. have finished off in style. A big round of applause for them please.”

*Clap Clap Clap*…Tadaa! Show’s over!

We came empty-handed (well, I had a bag on but it doesn’t count, does it?) and left with a lifetime’s worth of memories. My time for those memories, a really good trade if you ask me!

Had lots of fun and a sincere thanks to my friends – Rounak, Ibrahim, Harichandra, Harindra and Aniket for making it so memorable and bearing with my non-stop rants for close to five hours. (I was planning on nominating for a Nobel prize for surviving a day with me :D

Here are some the questions that they asked along with what went through my mind and the answer if I remember it.

I’ve included only a few. Because the idea of writing down the questions for later reference didn’t strike me until the prelims were over. What Voltaire said was true “Common sense is not common.”

PS : I'll be adding the questions later. Do check this space. :)

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