Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get well soon :)

(You'll understand what the title means mid-way through this post)

Well, I haven’t really mentioned much about it on this blog but, I play volleyball.

That’s right. I don’t just sit in front of a computer typing furiously at the keyboard or poring over books the whole day. I actually do some physical activity. Surprise surprise! :P

(Dare I say) I’m pretty good at it.

A year and a half ago, I’d never even touched a volleyball, leave alone trying to play it. The sport that dominated our games periods at school was ‘football’.

Then something happened.

The number of sports periods got doubled to two (in addition to the Saturdays). And, we were appointed a ‘P.T’ Sir who would conduct the games. His name was ‘Bhimanna’. We were told that he played volleyball for the state of Andhra Pradesh. We were like ‘cool!’

I always thought for playing volleyball, you had to be atleast 6 foot tall. Turns out that isn’t really necessary. Our sir was well away from it. In fact, he was much shorter than most of the boys in my class.

Our school got a volleyball court built and well, that sir was supposed to train us in that sport. The starting few classes were boring, they were just practice sessions thingy where we learnt to pass the ball and all. We didn’t like it much. We turned to football again but then, the football got punctured or something and the only thing that we could play was ‘volleyball’.

This time around, our interest in it rose. We started liking it and it became our staple sport.

Well, I’ll post more about that later but talking about this game isn’t what I had in mind when writing this 
post. It’s because something has happened.

We came back from our extended Dussera vacation and find that our sir was absent. We assumed that he must not have gotten back from his village because of the strikes that have been plaguing my area. Well, today, I got to know from a friend of mine who was told by someone else that our sir had been in an accident and was admitted into the NIMS. I was like ‘wtf’. Apparently, the bus he was travelling in met with an accident or something and he was injured. I don’t know the details. Apparently, he was on the verge of going into a coma but didn’t. I’m glad he didn’t.

Well, I sure was shocked after hearing that.

What little volleyball I can play now is because of him. Actually, to be very honest, he’s taught me more than just volleyball. Some incidents have left a thorough impression of him.

Anyway, so, my friends decided that they’ll visit him at NIMS. Now, that’s a noble thought but I wasn’t willing to go with them. Why? Going to a hospital and visiting someone isn’t as easy as it seems. Trust me, I’ve got quite some experience with that. And, added to that, all that my friends knew was his name and that he’s admitted in the hospital. They had no idea which room or section he was in.

Well, I told them that I’m not coming because I was pretty sure that this plan – like countless others – was going to end up in a flop. Oh come on! It wasn’t going to happen.

So, I didn’t offer any explanation as I didn’t want to discourage them or anything. So, I just walked away after school telling them I’m not coming.

To be very honest, I felt pretty guilty about it. It was as though I was a ‘stone-hearted’ person. I know I’m not one but I had to write about it. My telling them ‘no’ came out the wrong way and I’m not quite pleased with myself.


I just happened to get the news that they had all indeed gone to the hospital but they weren’t allowed in because they weren’t over 18. So, they had to turn back. Even though the urge to say “I told you so!” is building up inside me, it won’t be proper of me to say it to them because they indeed went to the hospital and that’s a pretty noble thing to do.

Anyway, I just hope that sir gets well soon J.

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