Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did the teacher actually read it?

      One day we were asked to write a parallel ending to a story. We were given 40 minutes to write it(in the class) because the teacher had some work. Well, since we didn't have to submit it then, I didn't take it seriously. I got bored.
     Then suddenly, I felt an urge to write a ummm... like..a different story. Something that is funny. So, I took my class-work, turned to the pin-page(or, the middle-most page in the book) and wrote the following story.
Read ;) ...
PS : Press the image for higher resolution. Or, just scroll down and read the text. (My apologies for that not-so-legible handwriting. I wrote it in a hurry.)

The teacher signed it ;)

LOL. Lol. Well, that's what happened. I had no idea that the teacher was going to flip to the middle-most page of my book and correct it. I just thought that I'll tear that page out of the book someday.

I'm not sure whether the teacher read it or not. If she read it "Oops." If she didn't "Lol."

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