Monday, October 31, 2011

Blogging through my iPod touch.

 Yesterday night, I was thinking about my 'addiction' to 'blogging'. 

Now, I call it an addiction because on an average, I'm writing about 3 entries every five days. Even though writing them takes me about 15 minutes per entry, posting them on my blog takes a lot more time because every time I go online, I tend to spend atleast an hour. Now, multiply that hour by 3 and them by six. It basically means that I spend around 18 to 23 hours a month blogging. To be very honest, I can nail about 2-3 chapters in physics or chemistry in that time. In simple words, blogging is taking just way too much of my time.

So, I contemplated on leaving it and doing some other 'worthwhile' things but, my mind told me that I couldn't stop writing because I have fun in doing so and that blogging is probably the only thing that I do for fun. I can't stop it!

Then my mind starting scouring it's depths for alternatives. How could I possibly reduce the time that I spent on blogging?

After about 5 minutes into it, my mind chanced on an 'Eureka' moment.

I travel in an RTC bus to get to school everyday. Few days ago, I started thinking about 'productive' stuff that I could do in that time. I finally settled on just whiling away time by writing 'notes' on my iPod. Yesterday, it struck me that I could use those 40-45 minutes on writing stuff for my blog. Writing on my iPod will surely take more time than erotic on the computer does but, that's okay because it's not like I am saving the world in the remaining time!

So, I decided that from tomorrow, I'll be writing from my iPod during the time I spend in the bus. Then I'll just send those 'notes' to my computer and copy-paste them onto my blog. That would take no more than 5 minutes.

I'd be saving almost 55 minutes every day if I followed that method.

Actually, I'm typing this from my iPod and am sitting in a bus. Apart from a trifling 'headache' because the bus's suspensions haven't been oiled, everything else is pretty good. I am able to maintain a pretty good speed while typing.

Anyways, this was my first post from my iPod. There are many more to come in the following days!

And, my stops just 45 seconds away. Gotta go!

Until next time,


Sent from my iPod (:D)

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