Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Am I that Good?

Every now and then a question pops into my head.

“Am I that good?”

 People around me, my friends, parents and others commend my work and tell me that I write well. But, sometimes I wonder whether they truly mean it or if they’re just trying to encourage me and don’t really mean what they say.

 I read various articles on the internet, they make me feel so ‘small’(inferior’s the right word but I wouldn’t say that). I mean, they are so well written, when I try to write something like them, I am usually crap at it.

  People who write better than me tell me “You write good. Keep writing.” Sometimes, when I read their posts, I wonder “They write so awesomely and they say I write well. Isn’t that a bit fishy?”

  I can probably churn out sentences a lot quicker than my friends but, I know that beyond my friends, many people exist who write amazingly. A few blogs that I read are evidence for that claim.

  Well, no matter how many times you guys say “Amazingly written”, I know deep inside that I still have a lot to learn and that I’m not the best.

However, it is your encouragements that keep me going and Thanks! If it weren’t it for them, I would’ve probably stopped blogging a long time ago.

Thank you!

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