Monday, October 31, 2011

Blogging through my iPod touch.

 Yesterday night, I was thinking about my 'addiction' to 'blogging'. 

Now, I call it an addiction because on an average, I'm writing about 3 entries every five days. Even though writing them takes me about 15 minutes per entry, posting them on my blog takes a lot more time because every time I go online, I tend to spend atleast an hour. Now, multiply that hour by 3 and them by six. It basically means that I spend around 18 to 23 hours a month blogging. To be very honest, I can nail about 2-3 chapters in physics or chemistry in that time. In simple words, blogging is taking just way too much of my time.

So, I contemplated on leaving it and doing some other 'worthwhile' things but, my mind told me that I couldn't stop writing because I have fun in doing so and that blogging is probably the only thing that I do for fun. I can't stop it!

Then my mind starting scouring it's depths for alternatives. How could I possibly reduce the time that I spent on blogging?

After about 5 minutes into it, my mind chanced on an 'Eureka' moment.

I travel in an RTC bus to get to school everyday. Few days ago, I started thinking about 'productive' stuff that I could do in that time. I finally settled on just whiling away time by writing 'notes' on my iPod. Yesterday, it struck me that I could use those 40-45 minutes on writing stuff for my blog. Writing on my iPod will surely take more time than erotic on the computer does but, that's okay because it's not like I am saving the world in the remaining time!

So, I decided that from tomorrow, I'll be writing from my iPod during the time I spend in the bus. Then I'll just send those 'notes' to my computer and copy-paste them onto my blog. That would take no more than 5 minutes.

I'd be saving almost 55 minutes every day if I followed that method.

Actually, I'm typing this from my iPod and am sitting in a bus. Apart from a trifling 'headache' because the bus's suspensions haven't been oiled, everything else is pretty good. I am able to maintain a pretty good speed while typing.

Anyways, this was my first post from my iPod. There are many more to come in the following days!

And, my stops just 45 seconds away. Gotta go!

Until next time,


Sent from my iPod (:D)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Reading – The one thing I love.

                 I probably have mentioned it here a bit before but, I’ve finally decided to dedicate a full post on it because it deserves one.

                I have been an avid reader since time immemorial and that’s partly due to the fact that I was introduced to reading at an early age and had easy access to some of the best child-fiction authors. That is something that I’m very grateful for. My parents cultivated the habit of reading for pleasure into me while I was a kid and it has stuck to me ever since. If I am able to write and talk fluently today, it is because of the amazing literature I was exposed to very early on.

 I will try and re-live this experience of mine.

                The earliest I can remember is when my mom and me, along with my brother, used to make regular visits to the British library. (The British library at Hyderabad, is without doubt, one of the best in the city and I’m glad that I went there.

I don’t really remember my first visits to the library. All I remember is that I used to pore over the books in children’s section, pick out some that had interesting summaries at the back and then, I faced the hard choice of picking 5 out of them because that was the maximum I was allowed to borrow.

  I didn’t choose the books that the other kids chose.

You know, the ones with huge illustrations and very little text. I could finish them right there in the library within 10 minutes and I thought it wasn’t worth it to lug them all the way back home just to finish them in under 10 minutes. Instead, I chose books that didn’t have as many illustrations but were ‘thick’ enough to last for an hour or more. Actually, the ‘thickness’ of the book became one of the many factors that I considered while choosing a book.

While running my finger over the books, I hardly gave a glance to the ones that were too thin to be of any use because they obviously couldn’t contain substantial text to keep me interested. I still don’t give a second glance at them.

Added to that, there were other perks that I picked up while choosing the books. All the books were arranged vertically and I had to bend my neck 180 degrees to read the titles. I couldn’t bother myself to do that so, I formulated a method of finding the books of my choice easily instead of reading the name of each and every book that my finger ran across.

As time passed, most of my books were from a single author, Enid Blyton. 

(In case you're wondering. That's Enid Blyton)

I had grown to love her stories and the library always seemed to have lots of her books to borrow. So, the books, they had some code plastered on their sides. After a bit of research I found out that all books of Enid Blyton started with the same code. Voila! So, every time I went to the library to search for books, I used to search for the author’s code. I can’t remember it but I think it went along the lines of “EBN” or “EDBL” or something like that. These codes were much easier to search for since they were written horizontally.

So, every time I had to borrow books, I would just simply search for that specific code and soon my arms would be full of stuff written by her.

I always used to spend the last hour or 30 minutes of my day, lying in bed and reading through the latest books that I had borrowed from the library. That was a ritual that continued for I-don’t-know -how-many-days. I would just lie in my bed and read, read, read until I felt that it was late and then, I’d give a call to my mom to switch off the lights in my room. :D all of us are guilty of that! We’d rather shout at the top of our voice and call our mom who is in some remote part of the house, than getting up from our cosy bed and switching off the lights.

                I don’t really remember what happened next. My prowess in English began increasing by leaps and bounds (or so it seemed). Before I could realize it, I could finish all 5 books that I borrowed from the library before my brother had even finished reading one (In his defense, he was in 10th grade or something then and didn’t spend much time on reading while I on the other hand, had all the time in the world!). My vocabulary started expanding, my spelling started getting better and I started writing better.

Soon, I was taking and passing all kinds of English proficiency tests that the British Library offered. I finished like 5 or something before I finished the 3rd Grade. That’s when I sat for an exam called the “FCE”. I can’t really re-collect what that acronym meant.

That exam was the equivalent for the TOEFL (apparently!). But, I failed (There you go, point blank). I didn’t really take it to heart or feel terribly dejected. I was still in the 3rd or 4th grade then. I was told that, from the following year, only students in 10th grade and above would be allowed to write it.

To be honest, I look back at examples of my writing during those days and think “How the hell did I manage to pass those exams?”. Really, I look back at some examples of writing about 7 years back in my diary and think “wtf? I wrote like that?” I wrote like a kid, but then again, I was KID back then.

                Time passed, and I began scouring for more literature. I kind of moved on from the short stories Enid Blyton and onto the ‘thicker’ novels. I began reading more of Famous Five and the Secret Seven. Ironically, they were from Enid Blyton as well. But, I began borrowing some other novels as well. I don’t really remember what I read during this period. The time I took in finishing books was considerably lower.

                The thickest novel I remember reading from those days was “Harry Potter and the Philospher’s stone”. Mind you, it was the actual un-abridged/long version, nothing like the 300+ page book that the kids today read. It was about 650 pages long and with minute text! I don’t mean ‘minute’ as in sixty seconds, I mean ‘minute’ as in terribly small sized. I was ‘awed’ by the size of it. Here’s something I very distinctly remember. I read exactly 50 pages from it the first day I brought it home from the library. That’s it, 50 pages, before I passed away from exhaustion. However, the coming days, my resilience grew. I could manage 90 or more pages before I passed away. Here’s the catch. I don’t distinctly remember finishing the book but, I had to! To be really honest, I don’t really remember much of what I read. But, as far as I know, I did indeed complete reading the full book even though most of it felt greek to me.

                Then, I remember reading the last part of the Chronicles of Narnia. THE LAST BATTLE. It was a pretty lengthy novel (Actually, I think it was short..but, it was thick!). And, I had to read through almost 100 pages of it before I could start making any sense of what was happening out there but, I managed to decipher it and get through the end of it. Though I don’t really remember it’s contents, I remember reading through it.

                Coming to think of it, I don’t really remember the names of the books that I’d read during this period. But, chances are, if you tell me part of the story, I might be able to tell you the remaining of it.
Time progressed and I just kept getting better (dare I say). I constantly kept reading new books and the newspaper. 

Yup! The newspaper. It was my daily digest of content. Previously, I used to skip right to the sports page but, nowadays, I often check out the editorial and other stuff before I go the sports section.

And, I was pretty proud of my English ‘skills’. It even turned into a vanity before reality brought me back down to Earth :P (The last part is from Sk8er boy by Avril Lavigne by the way. The ‘down to earth’ part. I don’t know, I just felt like citing it.)

Around 1 ½ (or maybe 2) years ago, I stopped renewing my membership at the British library. 


 I just did the math and realized that it wasn’t worth it. Added to that, I realized that due to growing homework, I could no longer spend time to read the books that I borrowed from the library and after I had renewed the dates on the books several times, I decided to scrap my membership altogether. I couldn’t be bothered to stick up to their deadlines to return the book before the mentioned date. I didn’t want to be bound by something that would make me rush to finish reading the book, robbing me of the pleasure of reading at my own pace. And, the books I found there just didn’t satisfy me.

Truth is, I lost my interest in reading fiction sometime during 2008 and 2009. I just lost interest in them. I would read every now and then but, that would be more because I had to rather than because I wanted to.

                Instead, I decided to get books of my own, books that I was interested in reading in and in my own time without any deadlines or anything of the sort. I hardly found the books that I was interested in at the library because more often than not, they would have already been checked out by somebody else and it would be weeks, maybe months before they returned it.

                My mother then pointed me towards some book stalls and told me to buy my books from there. I was impressed by the books that were present. And, they were really ‘thick’ as well :P Almost all of them were 400+ pages long and could easily satisfy my thirst as well.

                Things start getting blurred right now. I don’t remember the exact sequence in which they happened.

                At some railway station during my journey to Jammu and Kashmir, I picked up a book. I had heard a lot about it. It was ‘amazing’ according to people. I don’t know, why I did it. But, when I saw a book named “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown at some railway station. I knew I had to buy it. I don’t know why, I just had to, I did it impulsively. The price tag of ‘300’ didn’t deter me. I bought it.

                It was 650+ pages long. Wait a second, let me check, 671 pages to be precise…. During some train journey, when I was feeling bored, I took this book out to read it. I don’t really remember much. Thoughts are blurred for that day. I just took it out and started reading it. Something possessed me. I finished that book in a single day. In a single train journey, at a stretch, six to seven hours with only a break of about 15 minutes to finish dinner. I don’t have words to describe why or what made me do this. I just did it.
                That, according to me, was the turning point. I realized that the ability to read for hours at a stretch had not abandoned me. It was still there inside me.

My love for reading was reborn.

                I took a liking to thick novels from them on. As luck would have it, I read Jeffrey Archer’s - A prisoner of Birth and I was totally hooked. I went on reading as many Jeffrey Archer novels as I could.

As of today, since the time that I finished reading The Lost Symbol, I’ve read close to 13 to 14 novels. Around 6 of them written by Jeffrey Archer.

                 If I look at those numbers, it feels as though I haven’t done anything mind boggling but, I know that something has indeed taken place.

                Every time I buy a novel, I turn the last pages of it within 36 hours (I tried to write something different than just the usual “Complete reading the book” but, I guess my try wasn’t good enough). They’ve managed to enrapture me that much. Every time I read a Jeffrey Archer novel, it feels as though I’m watching a movie. I experience the thrills and form close bonds with the characters.

                                Actually, I just finished reading my latest novel today. It was another Jeffrey Archer, A matter of honour. It was really good! And, recently, I finished reading a non-fiction book called “Tuesdays with Morrie.” It was an e-book and I finished it in one sitting as is the case with most books.

                If there is one thing that I can say that I truly love, it’s reading. Reading takes me to a whole new dimension. Some place that I wouldn’t want to leave for all the treasures in the world. (I’m serious. However, if you offer me some extra-solar planet, I will surely reconsider!)

                Reading has had such an impact on me that anything I say about it will be an understatement. To say the very least, had I not been introduced to reading at an early age and had it not cultivated into a habit, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this post and my blog probably wouldn’t have existed.

                So, a big cheers to reading! (Don’t blame me! I couldn’t come up with a better thing :P)

                I really hope that I continue reading for fun, for the rest of my life.

Here’s what’s next on my reading list.

 n  Jeffrey Archer – Prison Diaries.
 n  Robert Ludlum – (some title…some weird title. I’ll remember it when I see it)
 n  Some Tom Clancy book
 n  Chicken soup for the Teenage Soul
 n  7 Habits of highly effective Teenagers

So, the last two aren’t novels but, my horizons have expanded than just fiction. I’m finding non-fiction interesting as well! Give them a try!

Anyways, this is the end of a 2400+ word post. I hope it made up for all the reading deficit that had accumulated during the last 5 days (My longest gap in quite some time).

Until next time,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Landmark Quiz ’11 – Hyderabad

I was part of the Landmark Quiz ’11, Hyderabad.

   That was the quiz that I was talking about in my previous post.

 It was my first-ever quiz and, it was really good. I don’t really know what other quizzes are like.. but, I had lots of fun (YES. FUN) with my friends during the 5+ hours that we spent in the auditorium. What follows is something on the lines of my journal for the day. Read on!

After a series of comical misunderstandings (Which I’ll write about some other day), we reached the auditorium at around 2:45. 15 minutes past 2:30 which we thought to be the time when the quiz was going to start. 
We were like “Crap! We’re late!” But, what followed was 45 minutes of waiting. The quiz was scheduled to start at 3:30pm, we cursed ourselves for rushing to the auditorium but, there wasn’t much we could do so we just waited.

We were sitting in the first row (titled ‘R’) on the balcony. Possibly the best view. Since we were sitting in the first row, there was no possibility of any ‘human’ giraffe sitting in front of us and blocking the view the entire show. So, we were pretty well off.

Those 45 minutes were spent by laughing over the choice of music that the organizers chose to play. I don’t know what the name of that band was but, they were (in the 1960s probably) very popular. But now? Oh come on! They just went on singing some crappy songs which according to me and the rest of my mates were terrible. Anyways, we managed to survive them.

The clock read 5 minutes to 3:30 when this lady announces that we must stick to our seats and announces that our quizmaster, Dr. Javin something-something is going to shortly announce the general rules and start the prelims.

 Each team (consisting of three members) was handed out a answer sheet where we were supposed to write our answers for the prelims and then, submit them for correction. The top 8 teams then qualify for the finals which are held on the stage and consist of 5 rounds.

 After explaining the above, the quizmaster said “I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that there would be so many school teams participating. The questions are bit tough. But, anyway, make a wild-guess. You never know when you may be correct.” At this point, I just looked at my team-mates and lifted the index finger of my right hand and sliced it on my neck implying “We’re dead.” As if that wasn’t obvious!

Then, the preliminaries started. There were 40 questions that we had to answer. Some of them had audio and visual aids but most were just text. I’ll post some of the questions at the end of this post, check them out and you’ll know that the questions weren’t that easy after all.

 Though we didn’t answer 85% of the questions correctly, the preliminaries were fun. I experienced a lot of feelings that  I didn’t know could be so fun.

I experienced the joy that fills you to the brim, when you realize that a totally-wild guess of yours went right and you thought that it couldn’t possibly be the answer. Yet, you wrote it down because you didn’t have any other option.

Then, there was the joy of recollecting the answer to a question when the answer literally vanished from your mind momentarily.

Then, there was this amazing feeling that I experienced when a question was asked on something that didn’t have much value to me 4 years ago but then, the dots connected and here I was with an extra point. (More on this question and the answer, at the end of this post.)

 Then, the feeling you get when a question totally stumps you and you can’t even make head or tail out of it. To quote a friend “Some questions, all of them, are like greek to me.”

…When someone else shouts out the answer to a question that you don’t know the answer to and you write it down and it turns out to be correct!

And on and on and on, I had a wonderful time during the prelims!

Once the answers to the questions in the preliminaries were answered, we were given a break of about 45 minutes before the finals began.

Many people, including us, realized that there was no way that we were going to be in the final eight. However, unlike us, they decided to go (away). We, decided to stay back and watch the finals from our vantage points because we were enjoying it.

In the 45 minutes break, I decided that I wanted to make that day more memorable so, I decided to get lost wantedly. But, the place wasn’t big enough. I managed to throw my friends off my scent but, we chanced upon each other after a few minutes. Not what I’d call ‘memorable’adventure :/

Anyways, the final started at about 5:30.

The team names were pretty interesting (And, I thought that my team called “Three Siri’s” would win the first prize but, hey! I didn’t know we could name teams like that!).

The three that caught my attention were –
“Quizzing Irregulars”
“Naa gun ki license ledu, mee life ki insurance ledu.” ( I know, weird name!)
“Holy Nexus”

Well, the others were pretty well-named but, nothing that could catch my fancy.

We were then told that “Nawabs of Mahab” came first in the preliminaries by scoring 33/40 (OMG!) and the cut-off to be on stage was around 24-25 (He didn’t say that, but, he implied it)

 Then, the finals began.

The questions..ummm… they were interesting! I could hardly answer a few out of them but, I had a heck of a time gaping in awe at the contestants who managed to answer them! I was like “WoW!”

Then, there were audience questions too. I knew the answer to a few of them but, the quizmaster never really looked up to the balcony where we were sitting so, I didn’t get to answer any. That was the only part that I didn’t like (And, of course, the free snickers were over by the time I got there :/)

 Anyway, the finals was dotted with logical answers by the contestants and the quizmaster managed to make us laugh at times by his witty quips.

 After 3 rounds or so, things were getting a bit boring and I even contemplated leaving but, I’d sat till now. I didn’t want to leave without knowing who won the quiz. We stayed back.

The leading team, “Naa Gun..etc..etc..” was leading over “Quizzing irregulars” by 11 points. There were still 3 questions to go but then, all of them were answered before the question could get to the quizzing irregulars and the last one was answered by “Naa Gun..” which resulted in them extending their lead by 21 points and, in the words of the quizmaster, “And, Naa Gun etc. etc. have finished off in style. A big round of applause for them please.”

*Clap Clap Clap*…Tadaa! Show’s over!

We came empty-handed (well, I had a bag on but it doesn’t count, does it?) and left with a lifetime’s worth of memories. My time for those memories, a really good trade if you ask me!

Had lots of fun and a sincere thanks to my friends – Rounak, Ibrahim, Harichandra, Harindra and Aniket for making it so memorable and bearing with my non-stop rants for close to five hours. (I was planning on nominating for a Nobel prize for surviving a day with me :D

Here are some the questions that they asked along with what went through my mind and the answer if I remember it.

I’ve included only a few. Because the idea of writing down the questions for later reference didn’t strike me until the prelims were over. What Voltaire said was true “Common sense is not common.”

PS : I'll be adding the questions later. Do check this space. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Quiz tomorrow!

Quiz tomorrow

My apologies for not posting since the last 3 days, I was busy and my mind drew a complete blank whenever my thoughts turned to writing something over here.

Anyways, the reason I’m writing this post is to tell you all that I’m participating in my first-ever quiz tomorrow. I mean, first-ever ‘outside’ quiz.

 Well, we were told about the quiz 2 days ago and, I was all-in for it from the very first moment.

Here’s a confession: If I were to give myself a score on my general knowledge quotient on a scale of ten, then I’d probably get a perfect circle. Alright, I’m exaggerating. I’ll probably get a ‘minus-one’.

 Anyway, I was all pumped up about it. So, I decided to go through the dungeons of hell and wrench out some GK books. I found like 3-4 and decided that I’ll finish them all in 2 days. ROFL.

 I knew from the very start that winning the quiz thingy was very improbable (One in a million chance). I had no doubt about it. I just didn’t want to surrender without a fight. I wanted to put up a fight.

So, the first day, the motivation was pretty high, I managed to go through a lot of text and could remember it all but, I didn’t know what was in store.

I had a really-really bad night. I couldn’t sleep properly! It felt weird, I cannot quite express it in words.

I didn’t quite understand why I had such a sleepless night.

The next day, I did the same – went over GK books and stuff.

I had another sleepless night. This one, I can remember it vaguely. Let me explain it to you all with an example – When we are multiplying two numbers, say 100 and 381. We consider 100 as a whole. But, my mind decided to make 100 into ( 1+1+1+1+….+1) and 381 into (1+1+1+…+1) And then, proceeded to multiply them. I know it sounds weird but I think it explains what I went through pretty well. In simple words, instead of counting 1 as a whole, I divided it into partitions and went on counting them. Why? I don’t know.

The third day, which is today, I was down with a headache, throat infection, blocked nose and a running nose. I didn’t quite understand why it happened all of a sudden. Then, it struck me.

Quizzing is not my thing.

Over the past few days, I was skimming through GK books trying to remember everything. I went on and on and on. They were just raw facts which basically had no connection between them and I was trying to remember them all! I assumed that I could do that. I can but, I realized something.

My mind wasn’t built to process information like that.

 I mean, you cannot take random facts and force them into my head. You can but my mind will over-heat and break down.
That’s exactly what had happened during those two nights.

I just felt like ranting about it here so, I wrote this post.

Anyway, I have that quiz tomorrow and I really hope that I’ll at least go to the second round though I know that it’s going to be real tough. Real-real tough. No offense meant, but, my team-mates aren’t really that ‘great’. The only hope lies in me and I’ve realized that quizzing isn’t my forte. Aah!

Anyways, wish me luck!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Topped :D

The results for this term gave me some anxious moments but, I topped. Got around 5-7 more marks than the guy who came second.

*Takes out a moment to celebrate*

Well, I did study for the exams and put in quite some efforts and they’ve paid off and I’m pretty happy. I like seeing the fruit of those ‘pau’(1/4) all-nighters that I made for almost every exam.

Got a 69½ out of 80 in English and topped it, so that just strengthened my lead.

Anyways, I’m going to make this one a short one. I just wanted to post my English marks you know!

And, after this, I have to rush to complete a full exercise as homework in Math.

Until next time,


Sunday, October 16, 2011


Over the course of the next 3 months, I’m going to write a series of ‘memoirs’. While publishing my previous post titled “5 months. That’s all L” I realized that I want to chronicle some specific instances of my school-life. The incidents which will stay with me for a lifetime. As they say ‘Till death do we part’.

I haven’t really decided on anything yet but there are some incidents that I deem ‘shareable’ on this blog. I’ll be posting them soon. Be on the look-out guys!

5 months. That's all :(

 While in one of my dazed states, I thought about something. A second later, I was wide-awake thinking “OMG. Is that really true?” Then, I did a few calculations proof-checking the answer at least thrice. Soon, I realized that I had calculated correctly. In 5 months, 13 years will be gone forever.

  In just 5 months, I will be leaving my second home. That’s right. I mean school.

I couldn’t believe it, I think it would be alright to say that I was delirious. I mean, how can it even be possible? So quickly?

It only seems yesterday that my class hosted a farewell party for the previous 10th graders. In fact, I remember it so vividly that if I wasn’t in my senses, it might well have taken place today.

To be very honest, I still can’t accept it. I’ve spent 12½ years in that place and in 5 months, I will never again call it ‘home’ because I’m going away. Honestly, it feels like a heart-break. My friends over there are the only people I know. I mean, I’m such a I-don’t-know-what-fits-here that sometimes I forget that people even exist in my neighborhood. Having friends is a long shot. My friends at school are effectively the only friends I have.

 That is enough to drive me insane.

One other thing that I’m not really able to come to terms is that in 7 months I’ll be college. OMG. I remember the days when I used to look up at people who were in college as they were ‘god-like’. In a few months from now, I’ll be in their place and it just doesn’t feel right. It just doesn’t.

I’m at a loss of words. I don’t know what to write here. School. That’s the place that I’ve spent half my life.

I’m going to miss it. The atmosphere, my friends, those jokes that we passed around on chits during an extremely serious math period, those games of spongennis between 2 classes, UNO, Bluff, those hilarious chats that we had, helping each other out on math sums that dodged reality, how can I forget the games periods? Then cracking jokes on teachers and laughing our heart out and so many more memories that have been etched into my heart as if they’ve been soldered. They’re going to be right there until I take my last few breaths, I give you my word for that.

It’s not easy trying to fit 13 years of memories in a 500 words, I give you my word for that. You have to be there to experience it. As far as I know, many of you readers have finished your schooling. Remember the day when you had to leave it? That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now, 5 months before the end.

But, life has to go on. As much as I wouldn’t like leaving it, I have to leave it to move on. There is no choice. All I can do is reminisce over them and live those memories once again.

Get well soon :)

(You'll understand what the title means mid-way through this post)

Well, I haven’t really mentioned much about it on this blog but, I play volleyball.

That’s right. I don’t just sit in front of a computer typing furiously at the keyboard or poring over books the whole day. I actually do some physical activity. Surprise surprise! :P

(Dare I say) I’m pretty good at it.

A year and a half ago, I’d never even touched a volleyball, leave alone trying to play it. The sport that dominated our games periods at school was ‘football’.

Then something happened.

The number of sports periods got doubled to two (in addition to the Saturdays). And, we were appointed a ‘P.T’ Sir who would conduct the games. His name was ‘Bhimanna’. We were told that he played volleyball for the state of Andhra Pradesh. We were like ‘cool!’

I always thought for playing volleyball, you had to be atleast 6 foot tall. Turns out that isn’t really necessary. Our sir was well away from it. In fact, he was much shorter than most of the boys in my class.

Our school got a volleyball court built and well, that sir was supposed to train us in that sport. The starting few classes were boring, they were just practice sessions thingy where we learnt to pass the ball and all. We didn’t like it much. We turned to football again but then, the football got punctured or something and the only thing that we could play was ‘volleyball’.

This time around, our interest in it rose. We started liking it and it became our staple sport.

Well, I’ll post more about that later but talking about this game isn’t what I had in mind when writing this 
post. It’s because something has happened.

We came back from our extended Dussera vacation and find that our sir was absent. We assumed that he must not have gotten back from his village because of the strikes that have been plaguing my area. Well, today, I got to know from a friend of mine who was told by someone else that our sir had been in an accident and was admitted into the NIMS. I was like ‘wtf’. Apparently, the bus he was travelling in met with an accident or something and he was injured. I don’t know the details. Apparently, he was on the verge of going into a coma but didn’t. I’m glad he didn’t.

Well, I sure was shocked after hearing that.

What little volleyball I can play now is because of him. Actually, to be very honest, he’s taught me more than just volleyball. Some incidents have left a thorough impression of him.

Anyway, so, my friends decided that they’ll visit him at NIMS. Now, that’s a noble thought but I wasn’t willing to go with them. Why? Going to a hospital and visiting someone isn’t as easy as it seems. Trust me, I’ve got quite some experience with that. And, added to that, all that my friends knew was his name and that he’s admitted in the hospital. They had no idea which room or section he was in.

Well, I told them that I’m not coming because I was pretty sure that this plan – like countless others – was going to end up in a flop. Oh come on! It wasn’t going to happen.

So, I didn’t offer any explanation as I didn’t want to discourage them or anything. So, I just walked away after school telling them I’m not coming.

To be very honest, I felt pretty guilty about it. It was as though I was a ‘stone-hearted’ person. I know I’m not one but I had to write about it. My telling them ‘no’ came out the wrong way and I’m not quite pleased with myself.


I just happened to get the news that they had all indeed gone to the hospital but they weren’t allowed in because they weren’t over 18. So, they had to turn back. Even though the urge to say “I told you so!” is building up inside me, it won’t be proper of me to say it to them because they indeed went to the hospital and that’s a pretty noble thing to do.

Anyway, I just hope that sir gets well soon J.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghost at a crossroad

The following is a story that I had written for an English assignment. Hope you have as much fun reading as I had in writing it :)

“Just one more turn” I urged Steve. He hesitated but nevertheless followed me. 

It was almost 6 o’ clock. The clouds began dotting the sky and covering it entirely. The sun was on the verge of disappearing into the horizon. I knew that in a few minutes, all that would be guiding us would be streetlights which dotted almost every single street in the city.

   We were going to a friend’s house for his 16th birthday. The road to his house was pretty straight-forward and all we had to do was follow the main-road and then take a single left turn. But, today, I didn’t feel like my ears could take in the noises that the automobiles made.  So, I talked Steve into taking a different route. We had never even set eyes on that path before but we knew that it had to lead somewhere.

I wanted us to get lost. That’s the truth. So, I went on telling him ‘left here’ and ‘let’s take right’ at random intervals. Foolishly, Steve decided to trust me and followed.

25 minutes later, we realized that something had gone terribly wrong. I looked around and in the glare of the street-lamps, I could see nothing that reminded me of familiar territory. We were officially lost now. “Dude, do you know where we are?” Steve asked me. “Umm..” I replied. “This is not the place or time for “umm’s”. Tell the truth.”

“I think we’re lost.” I admitted. He glared at me for a second but then, asked me “So, how do we get out?” I replied “I don’t know.” I could see the anger raging inside him but he kept his cool. “Now what?”

“Now, we try to find the way.” I replied.

We both stopped walking so that we didn’t get more lost. We glanced around, all we could see was deserted roads with pieces of plastic moving around due to wind. Everything seemed eerily calm. Not a soul in sight. That gave me creeps. In a city with a population of over 30 million, we couldn’t see anyone. Just vehicles that zoomed past us.

We were scared. I for one had this nagging feeling that a quails would stop and a few armed people would get down and kidnap us.

“Take out your cell-phone” I told him. He dutifully took it out of his pockets and handed it to me. I looked at its screen, no signal. Great, I thought. I gave it back.

We started walking again hoping that if we walked enough, we would come across the main-road and could find our way from there.

We came upon a cross-road. We stood there pondering over what lane should we choose. He said “Right. Let’s go right, it’s got to be the right road.” I said “Nah. Left sounds better.” We soon decided to go straight.

Bad choice.

We walked around 300 paces when we saw something just swoosh by. For a second, I thought that the kidnappers were here but it wasn’t a Qualis. Instead, I saw some white fumes. “Look there” I pointed to Steve. He turned his head and then, a second later, turned it back to me and didn’t speak a word but his eyes said it all “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

Those fumes had taken the shape of a man. It was exactly what a ghost looked like in Ghost Busters or the other gazillion horror movies that I had seen.

Our legs failed us, we stood there, petrified with fear.

The ghost started advancing at us. We couldn’t move, it was as though someone had soldered our legs to the ground.

“Do you know what I am?” the ghost asked to our surprised.

We both looked at each and other and thought “Did he just say that?”

“Ghhhoostt…” I stammered.

“NO!” he thundered “I am a spirit! Don’t you guys know the difference between a ghost and a spirit?”

“No…To be honest, we haven’t had much practical experience” Steve replied.

“Are you trying to be cheeky with me young man?” The ghost stared at our eyes, into our very soul.

“No..No..Sir.” we replied.

“Who told you that I was knighted?”


“See. There again. Stop addressing me as ‘sir’. I wasn’t knighted!”

“oh I see.”

“No. It’s ICICI”


“Sorry about that, I was watching too much television. I’m a fan of Amitabh Bacchan and well, I liked that advertisement of his.”


A few seconds of silence.

“So, you’re the quiet type eh? Tell me.”

“tell what?”

“Where art thou going?”

“ We aren’t really that familiar with old English.” We both chimed.

“You aren’t familiar with old English! Where is the education today headed to. Sigh.”

A few seconds of more silence.

“Mr. Ghost…” Before I could finish my sentence, the ghost interrupted me.

“How dare you address as mister? I’m not living!”

“What should we address you as then?”



“So, I was saying, Can we go? We’re getting kind of late. Our friend won’t be too happy you know.”

“It’s my first interaction with humans in the last one decade and you think I’ll let you go, just like that?”

Amazing I thought sarcastically. We’re the ‘lucky’ ones I guess.

“What do you want from us then?”

“I want you to answer three questions. Answer them and you’ll be free, I’ll even show you the way.”

“Cool. Fire them away.”

“Who won the 2011 ICC cricket world cup?”

Steve and me stared at each other’s faces for some time. This was really happening.
“India” we both chimed.

The ghost then takes out a gadget from his pocket and clicks some buttons and then looks at us and says “Correct answer.”

My face lit up but Steve wasn’t even listening. His eyes were transfixed to the gadget that the ghost was holding. He asked him “Can I know what that gadget is?”

“This?” The ghost holds it in his hands and replies “It’s an iPhone 8.”

“Are you kidding me?” I ask as Steve’s jaws drop open.

“Do I look like somebody who fools around?”

“So, do you know that Steve Jobs died?”

The ghost’s expressionless face turns violet for a second. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN!” he catches me by my collar and lifts me up.
“…Steevee..Jobs..he’s dead.” I stammer.
The ghost drops me and I fall with a thud to the floor.

He then types out something on his iPhone. Steve later tells me that he was using google.
The next second, the ghost falls down on the road and starts crying. I didn’t know ghosts could cry but apparently, they can.

We both just stand there unsure what to do. The ghost then tells us “I’m going to god right now. Is there anything you want me to tell him?” I jokingly reply what I’d seen as a status on facebook “Could you tell god that he could take Justin Bieber and give us Steve Jobs back?”

The ghost doesn’t say anything. He just points in a direction and says “That’s the way, just follow the road.” With that, he disappears.

For a good two minutes, Steve and I are left dumbfounded by what just happened. It was just too surreal. We didn’t speak a word to each other, instead, we followed the road and the ghost was right. Our friends house was right there.

We climbed the elevator and pressed ‘1’. As it went up, thoughts clogged my head. I couldn’t focus on anything. Soon, the elevator stopped. We got down and went directly to our friend’s place and knocked on the doorbell. We were soon ushered in by the guests and we found the birthday boy, our friend busy on the computer.

We went over to see what he was looking at. I looked at the address bar, it read “”. I asked him what he was looking at. He didn’t talk, just pointed towards two things. They were –

“Justin Bieber Missing.” And “Steve Jobs grave found broken. Body missing”

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Results of First term

Today was judgement day. In other words, I got to know how I fared in my first summative exams.

 To be honest, I don’t quite know if I should act happy or sad or surprised. It’s just that things panned out exactly like I was expecting them too.

Anyway, here are my marks (I’m just writing them here so that I can refer to them 20 years later from my lab in some deep forests in South America researching something and lol!)

Math: 78 ½ out of 80. Well, I made a few silly mistakes and I deserved losing those 1 and ½ marks. A guy with a 79 came first :S

Social: 73 …I messed up the MCQ’s and the map once again. Aah! I so hate it! A girl (o_O) beat me in this subject by getting 1 and a ½ mark more. I can’t believe it! Social is my territory! Sigh.

Hindi : 64 and a ½  …. I wanted to get 70+ but, I was expecting these marks. So, I’m not surprised. And, I’m first in this subject. Lol. The irony, the kid who ‘apparently’ never speaks in hindi gets the first rank. Lol!

Science : 75-76 Well, quite pleased. A guy got more than me in this one by ½ a mark.

English : ?????

Well, even though I placed first in only one subject, I’m still the guy with the most marks because the only ‘three’ people who posed a ‘threat’ to me faltered in Hindi and I gained quite a good lead. Math just strengthened that lead and Science maintained it. Social as well. It all depends on English now. If I get only a single mark less than them then, I’ll be the first (yaay) but, if not, doesn’t matter ;) I will still be happy with my performance. I tried my best J.

And, I’ll probably be getting a GPA of 4.8/5. Well, it’s pretty good but, to be honest I was planning on getting a 5/5 GPA so that, I could aim for that perfect 10. Well, guess that’s not going to happen now.

Atleast, on the brighter side, it shows that I’m a human. :P

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The whole story of the 'Money-Quiz'

          So, the other day(last week actually) I was reading the Young World, a children’s weekly of the daily The Hindu.

I was just browsing through it when I saw something which read ‘Money Quiz’. "That’s interesting," I thought. After reading through that, I decided to send them an answer as it had something to do with writing and I was all in for it.

          I sent them an answer.Well, I was excited for sure as I had written it quite well and, to be very honest, I was indeed expecting a prize(Sigh.)

The first time I visited their website to view the results, my heart was beating so fast you know. I was like “WTF. Calm down. It’s just some random quiz!” My heart didn’t listen, it thudded on. 10 minutes later, it was apparent that they didn’t release the results yet so, it calmed down.

They later stated that they’d announce the results on 12th October. Today was that day.

I was watching ‘The Social Network’ on Sony Pix when I suddenly realized that today was the 12th of October and those results would be announced. Well, I was too lazy to switch on my laptop so, I decided to view their website on my iPod Touch.

I soon typed out the address in the address bar and clicked ‘go’. Their website came up and I clicked ‘View the results here’ button. There were four names, I skimmed through them hopefully. Once, Twice. It became apparent that my name was not there, ‘Great’ I thought.

Well, there was another button which said ‘View the list of other satisfactory answers’. Now, even if I didn’t win, I was damn sure that my answer was at least satisfactory. So, I started skimming through the names. 10 down, 25 down, 50 down, 100 down, I was starting to think that my name wasn’t going to feature there. But, I went on searching. Then, at number 155, my face lit up. It read ‘S. Adarsh Rao’. Well, they said ‘other satisfactory answers’ but I knew better. I looked up to the address bar and it read ‘List-of-other-participants’. Lol. I guess they wanted to be in everyone’s good books. But, I know better.

To be very honest, surprisingly, I didn’t mind that they didn’t choose my answer. That’s because, they posted the winning answer. Well, after reading that, I was like ‘Lol!’

It became so apparent as to why they didn’t choose my answer. The winning answer was so polished you know, like marble. It was so very formal and right to the point. They were looking for that kind of answers while I wrote an ‘informal’ unpolished answer. It was like a rough diamond. Sadly, they looked over it but I didn’t mind. The early man didn’t know the use of a rough diamond. Lol.

Without further adue, I’ll post the question and my answer.

Here’s he question.
“ Have you seen this coin? The 25 paise coin was taken out of circulation a few months ago. What happened to the prices that totaled by 0.25 or 0.75 rupees? How did they change? Can you think of one reason why it was taken out of circulation?”

Well, here’s my reply.

  I have indeed seen 25 paise coins in my life as a 14 year old and, I consider myself lucky. However, the fact that something so shiny could be 24 years older than me still manages to beat me.

 My parents sometimes reminisce about the past. On one such occasion, they told me that when they were children, a single rupee had a very high value. In fact, 50 paise could buy them vegetable supplies for a month. I was awestruck. How could 50 paise get you vegetable supplies for a month? I don’t even get a ‘center fresh’ for that price. Through this new found knowledge, I assumed that almost everyone was millionaire in those days.
 My parents sometimes reminisce about the past. On one such occasion, they told me that when they were children, a single rupee had a very high value. In fact, 50 paise could buy them vegetable supplies for a month. I was awestruck. How could 50 paise get you vegetable supplies for a month? I don’t even get a ‘center fresh’ for that price. Through this new found knowledge, I assumed that almost everyone was millionaire in those days. 
  It was only later that I got to know that people didn’t earn as much money as they do today. So, basically, the prices were low and the salary was low as well. “That evens out” I thought.

At the time of the independence and before it, a single rupee had lot of value. The government had to introduce lower forms of currency. But, soon as India started progressing/developing, the amount of money that the people earned grew. The prices should remain the same shouldn’t they? But, something called inflation sees to that the prices rise as well. Why? You may ask. Well, the answer is that everything money-related is an inter-connected web. It’s like proportionality in mathematics. As one rises, the other rises as well.
At the time of the independence and before it, a single rupee had lot of value. The government had to introduce lower forms of currency. But, soon as India started progressing/developing, the amount of money that the people earned grew. The prices should remain the same shouldn’t they? But, something called inflation sees to that the prices rise as well. Why? You may ask. Well, the answer is that everything money-related is an inter-connected web. It’s like proportionality in mathematics. As one rises, the other rises as well. Don’t ask me what happens when one of them decreases because apparently, they can never decrease. They can only increase. That’s something I haven’t quite figured out yet.
 Anyways, the prices of commodities started rising as well keeping up with the salaries of the people. The government had to introduce new currency notes to keep up with this change. This was done to avoid inconvenience.
An example for this is – A bag of rice costs 1 rupee in the early days. But, now, it costs around 25 rupees. We pay the shop keeper 2 ten rupee notes and a 5 rupee coin. Those are the new currencies, we couldn’t possible give him twenty-five 1 rupee coins. We could but, who’s going to carry coins of one rupee around.
 So, as the inflation rose/time progressed, the government had to introduce new currency notes so that exchange of money could be made easier.
Today, it has risen to such an extent that you don’t even get a chocolate/mint for 25 paise. Therefore, the coin lost its value. Hence the government decided to scrap it as it couldn’t possibly be used to buy things anymore. 
Actually, if things go like this for the next 2-3 decades, 1 rupee may become the next 25 paise.
And, guess what? As I was writing this, I saw red squiggly lines underneath the word ‘paise’ everytime I typed it. See, even Microsoft word knows that it will soon become extinct and doesn’t even bother to let the Generation Z know that something of that denomination even existed. 

If you’ve read through that, you can see how informal it was. I wrote it like I was telling the answer out loud. Here’s the link where you can read the winning answer ‘

That’s right. A 131 word answer won the prize and they over looked my 500+ word answer. Sigh, life’s like that. But, it didn’t matter because I had fun writing it and sending them my answer.  And also, my answer didn’t contain much content. I just wrote it in a (dare I say) nice manner.

So, at the end of the day, I had the last laugh ( I always do :P)

Until Next time,


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Should I be tensed?

Well, bliss is coming to an end in other words, school is going to start 3 days from now.

That’s right, 10 full days have been passed since we had our exams and I’ve had the greatest of times. 

These holidays have been an amazing experience. How? I’m not going to bother you with the facts.
 But, school in 3 days doesn’t just mean that studies are going to be resumed. Actually, I’m looking forward to it. The thing I’m scared/tensed about is that we’ll know our grades for the First term examinations.
O_o  -  o_O

 It’s not that I messed them up big time and I’m going to get an F on each one of them. I am quite sure I won’t get anything lower than a B+. In MIT, those grades are acceptable because the tests are hard. Here? No way. I mean, all that we have to do is memorize stuff and reproduce it in the exam hall. Speaking of it, it looks so simple. It actually is, thanks to my memory. But, that doesn’t work in language subjects. And, it is there that I’ve messed up a bit L.

I’ve read somewhere “Your grades don’t tell how your life is going to be. Your attitude to learning does.” Well, too bad I found that after my exams were over :/

I feel like bashing my head into the wall (Don’t worry, I won’t do that, The wall might break.)
If my calculations were correct, then, I’ll probably get a 9.4 CGPA.


So, basically, I’m crying over a 0.6 loss in CGPA. Coming to think of it, it’s not bad. Not bad when compared relatively to the median score of our class.

But, the thing is, I’m not sulking because I’m getting less when compared to others. I’m sulking because I know that I could’ve done better. I’m sulking because I didn’t put in all the effort I was capable of putting. I took things for ‘lite’ as they would say here and I guess I’m paying the price.

Well, coming to think of it, it’s not the end of the world if I get a 9.4 GPA. After all, I’ll have next term to get straight A’s and get it up as much as math allows (which is 9.7). Anyway, 9.7 is pretty good. Isn’t it? And, anyway, I’m always going to have Inter-mediate to pep things up a bit. And then, MIT doesn’t care a lot about your GPA and stuff if you get a 750+ score in the SAT’s.

Well, on the brighter side, I’ve learnt a lesson J.


 Thanks partly to the Telangana bandh and also to some water work in our school, we got our vacation extended by three full days! <3

  One of those days has been an utter waste. I slept like 4 hours during the day today and spent the remaining on the computer. Aah. What a waste of time. I did finish my science homework that was being procrastinated from weeks.

  In other news, I’m in one of those states where your eyes aren’t completely open because you just got up from a 3 hour sleep and the first thing you do is open your laptop and check Facebook. I decided to write a post because it’s been quite some time since I last wrote one. I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting for long you know.

 Traffic is dwindling. I no longer get those 25+ pageviews in a single day. All I can manage nowadays is a measly 6+ views. But, the more I think about it, I’m starting to feel alright. I mean, this blog doesn’t contain content-enriched posts. All it contains are memoirs of a 15 year old (Alright, I’m technically 14 but that shouldn’t matter because I’m just one month away from turning 15). Only a few post of mine have a high page views and those are the ‘god-like’ posts :P

  I know, I know. I rant a lot. But, I like it (who doesn’t?).

Anyways, in a shocking turn of events, Mumbai Indians managed to win the Champions Trophy. Lol. They aren’t even champion of the IPL yet somehow, they’ve managed to become the champion of champions. It’s more like that movie ‘A knight’s tale’ A peasant manages to become a knight.

That was pretty lame but my half-conscious mind couldn’t think of any better similarity. All that comes into mind is similar triangles.

With that, I’ve finished my rant. I have a post coming up about something, be sure to read it J

Until next time,


  Bandhs on the name of ‘Telangana’ have given us so many holidays in the past few years. I couldn’t possibly keep mum about it. So, I thought I’ll give a brief description of what exactly it is and what I think of it.

For starters, I live in a state called “Andhra Pradesh”.

So, it is (was) divided into three regions, Telangana, Andhra and Rayalseema. We all share a common language, Telugu. Yet, it is spoken very differently in all these places and it serves as a tool to know from where the person is from.
Well, since independence, the Telangana region has mostly been forgotten by the government. Other than the capital city of Hyderabad (which comes under Telangana), the rest of the surrounding districts are under-developed. However, in Andhra, the districts and cities are quite developed.

This caused a rift with the Telangana people asking the government to support them as well. But, when it was clear that this was not going to happen, they demanded that a separate state of Telangana be formed so that they can take care of their own affairs.
As far as my knowledge goes, that started in the 1960s or the 1970s. That movement died down until a few years back when a fresh movement arose. The government promised Telangana but then backed down and that enraged these people and they started rebelling again.

Well, that was about the Telangana movement in a nutshell from the view of a 15-year old. However, some things need to be mentioned. The government is reluctant to give Telangana because the chances that they’ll be re-elected are next to nil and for a myriad of other reasons which as far as I know are selfish.

Well, born and brought up in Hyderabad my whole life and as a member of Generation Z, I don’t quite really consider myself an expert in this. But, I think I know the outline (or what I think it is).

 To be very honest, I think that this rebellion/movement is being carried out inefficiently. I mean, they all are rioting/ breaking the glass-panes of buses and all but I really think that they can induce pressure on the Central government in many other ways more effectively.

Before I write anything else, let me tell you that the below things are just my thoughts. I mean, I don't think I could do any better than the people now in managing this movement as there are many things that warrant attention behind the scenes as well. So, consider the below thing as rants. Just rants.

Let me put my point across with a down-to-earth example. Many people are committing suicide because of ‘Telangana’. Now, they are dying, people are condemning their death by taking out rally’s but that’s about it. It dies down soon and those people are forgotten. Now, I really think that they could have had a higher impact. Recently, a person climbed a tower for the cause of Telangana threatening to jump off if the state was not given. He climbed down after a full-day on top of it. That thing had a lot of coverage.

Now, that gave me an idea. Well, take 10 people who are willing to spend a few months in jail or die for the cause of Telangana. Choose ten towers all around the city, give them each a bag of kerosene, matches, cell-phones. And, orchestrate an event such that all of them climb at the same time.

Now, that would cause an uproar. I might be under-estimating Hyderabad police but, I’m pretty sure that they won’t be quite ready for such a situation like this. That’s because I don’t think that something like this would’ve ever taken place anywhere. Anyway, back to it.

I’m pretty sure that this would hit the national news. And, once it hits it, people all over the country will grow aware of this movement. I don’t think that people are aware about this situation right now. This thing would make sure.

And, nobody needs to die or something. They just need to be good actors. I mean, they shouldn’t jump off the tower, they should just act as if they are going to. The police can’t not take notice of them because then their ethics (is this the right word?) would come into question.

Alright, I agree. This plan is far-fetched and is pretty ruthless. I mean, I’m treating people as if they’re cattle or something. That is bad and I agree. But, no loss no gain.

Anyways, besides that, there are many things that can be done to increase pressure.  I mean, blocking off of important points, doing stuff the right way, executing rally’s in a way that the police are bamboozled and stuff.

I honestly think that they need someone who can plan stuff intelligently. They need a commander/ somebody who can chalk out great strategies and execute them to the very core perfectly. A single perfectly executed battle is better than hundreds of battles without a cause or direction.

As far as I am concerned, they need a general. Somebody who can strategize and put things to reality. I cannot believe that they couldn’t think of this before, I mean, oh come on! That’s common sense.

Years of playing Age of Empires and other FPS’s have shown me how strategy is more important than just brute force. They’ve taught me to be a great strategizer. It works, really.

I’m now going to stop writing this because I think that I’ve made my point. Strategy can indeed turn the tide of the battles. ‘Over-killing’ doesn’t always work.

Now, now, this might land me in jail. But, I don’t think that a 15-year-old can be jailed unless he has committed a juvenile offense like murder or something. And, I’m not quite sure if what I typed above can be used in a court against me. I mean, I just you know, voiced my thoughts. They can’t jail me for causing the breach of national security. Right to freedom of press! LoL.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs and Apple

Apple had a very big impact on my life.

To quote a friend,

“Apple gave life to my journey from home to school and school to home every day.”

I was first introduced to apple through their iPod shuffle. It introduced me to a world of music that I didn’t knew existed. I no longer needed to open my bulky laptop to listen my favorite track. It made music accessible and likeable.

That was my first Apple product.

Then, in 2011, came my iPod Touch. It was a 1st generation iPod touch. So, basically, I was using technology that was introduced four years back. But, believe me when I tell you that it didn’t feel like that for one second. It was as though I was using something very recently invented.

 I began taking a bigger interest in apple products.

Then, through an english work-book, I was introduced to Steve Jobs. I knew that he was the CEO of apple already but I knew little about the story behind the scenes.

  We had a transcript of his Stanford University Commencement speech. I like it so much that the instant I came home, I saw it on youtube. It was inspiring to say the very least.

 Well, to be honest, I didn’t know much about Steve Jobs even then. Only today did I realize what an amazing person he was.

To beautifully surmise my feelings about him, here's a quote --

"Steve Jobs was one of the most influential people in my life. Not because I knew him, or because I followed his dictums and philosophy. But because the technological environment 
in which I exist was created by him. If I were a fish, he'd have provided much of the water
 in which I swim."

 He created the iMac, iPod, iTouch, iPhone. Calling them the best gadgets of this decade is an understatement. Millions all over the world know that it was something more than that.

 Well, he created products that revolutionized the world. And, for that, I admire him.

May your soul Rest In Peace Steve.

Think Differently.