Thursday, September 1, 2011

Transforming this blog

 Alright guys. Here’s the deal. I’m going to change this blog and divide it up into smaller sub-blogs.
I’ve decided to take up blogging a bit more seriously. So, I’ve decided to open up sub-blogs which are going to concentrate on specific issues and not like this one in which I post everything that comes into my mind.

…So, I’m going to remove every post which doesn’t deal with the aim of this blog which reads “A peek into the life of a usual teenager.” I’m going to move those posts to another blog in which I’m going to post all similar such posts.

Here are the blogs that I’m going to start from now on.

About Everything and Nothing : This one’s going to stay as it is.

A teenager’s understanding of science: I’m going to post all my new discoveries of science here. I mean, every new thing I read is going to be evaluated here.

A google a day: It’ll give out the answer to a google a’s questions.

A how-to manual: Here, I’ll be posting answer to the questions I come across on yahoo answers.

…It’s just in the starting stage. Wait for a few more days for further news J.

Update : The last two blogs were scrapped. The second one, well, I have created it but am yet to post anything.
But, I've created another blog. Check this --> Road to MIT

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