Saturday, September 24, 2011

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….I’m feeling guilty of having been pestering you guys with my exams for like a full month now. But, guess what, Monday’s my last exam. That’s right, no exams for like the next 5 months(though they are riddled with tests). And, after Monday, Dassera starts.

Seriously, INDIA rocks. I mean, declaring India as a secular state was probably the best thing that the constitution makers could do. Having no official religion meant that all religions are supposed to be treated equally, now, if you give a holiday for a ‘hindu’ festival and not give one for a ‘muslim’ festival wouldn’t that be treating them unequally. Alright, you got me. I’ve got my Social Studies(history, geography, civics and economics) on Monday. Anyway, in simple words, I’m getting like 13 days of holidays. That’s almost 2 weeks of loading-off after the exams *Does a somer-sault*.

 Anyway, I can’t stop thinking of how my life is going to change once my last exam is over. After reading the MIT blogs I’m like ‘more enlightened’ now. I’ve finally got a purpose and those two weeks are going to help me to decide how I’m going to spend my next 5-6 months before my annual exams*goosebumps*.
Hmm. It’s 10:50 pm now and I was actually planning on studying now. Remember when I said that I had to ace Monday’s test? I wasn’t kidding. I’m planning to put in my best efforts.

And, in other news, I’m so seriously pissed off at the Telangana Bandh that’s going on. More on that later, mosquito’s are biting me all over my defenseless legs and I’m itching to kill ‘em but, I’m busy typing. Ah. Didn’t realize that mosquito’s could be so intelligent. Anyway, bye!

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