Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reality TV is a waste of time. Yeah!

I was browsing articles when suddenly I read a post which said something like “Reality TV is a waste of time.”

Well, the words ‘guilty as charged’ started hovering in my mind. The post written by Martin Wilson said that MasterChef was a waste of time. Well, recently, I too have been watching it and well, my face turned red(due to guilty-ness, not shyness!).

  Well, after reading the article, I realized that reality TV was indeed a waste of time. I mean, we could do so much work in the 1-2 hours that we spend infront of the TV watching someone do something. That was the reason that I began watching less and less TV everyday but, recently, I found myself searching the channel catalogue on the TV for the timings when ‘MasterChef’ came.

 Reality TV over here includes – KBC(an Indian version of Who’s going to become a Millionaire) : Das Ka Dum(some crap show) : MasterChef India : Indian Idol : X-Factor and some others. I used to be an avid fan of KBC but then, I weaned off. I’ve hardly watched a full episode of this season’s KBC and I’m sort of proud.

 The reason I started watching less TV was because I didn’t find time for it. It was either TV or Internet. And, I chose internet because blogging had become an integral part in my life(thanks to you readers out there!) The rest of the time was spent studying.

 Another reason was that, I read somewhere that ‘advertisements’ shape our mind. They create new needs and well, they stimulate it.(I read in my history reader. Surprising eh?) So, I began muting the TV off when advertisements came and only unmuting it when actual content was being broadcasted. One day, I timed the amount of time that advertisements came and the amount of time the content was played. I found that over 30% of the time was spent in advertisements and the rest in the actual content. In some channels, it bordered on the 45-50% mark. I started thinking. To watch 35 minutes of some show, I spend 25 minutes watching advertisements. Isn’t that a complete waste?

 Yet another reason is that I found that the content I watched on the TV wasn’t really helping me. I mean, I’d be better off writing a blog post or have more fun on Facebook than on T.V.

Blogging was another reason, the fun I get in blogging easily surpasses the excitement in watching an hour and a half of KBC(Kaun Banega Crorepati).

Phew. I guess I’ll stop now. But, I’ve learnt something and thank you Marty Wilson. The next time I watch some show, there’ll be a certain amount of guilt :P MasterChef, I don’t I’ll be watching that anytime soon :P

Anyway, see ya!

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  1. Cmon!! There are no advertisements when u watch football (5 mins of ads for 90 mins of football) :P

  2. ...That thought definitely crossed my mind when I was watching Manchester United Vs Arsenal.... I was like 'why can't StarWorld shows be like this'.... And, that was also the reason I watched the full match!