Friday, September 9, 2011

Planning my first ever all-nighter

Here’s a first. My first-ever all-nighter(not really, I plan to pass-out at 3AM)

  Tomorrow’s my Hindi exam and well, I’d promised myself, long ago, that I’d be getting 70+/80 in this subject so that I can get an A1 grade. I haven’t really touched my hindi books so, today seems to be the best opportunity to realize my new dream of spending an all-nighter(just for the experience, you know.) And, I’m not a guy who misses his opportunities.

By the way, today’s social exam went okay. I answered all of the questions but I have doubts on a few and MCQ’s, I don’t know 2 but I answered them nonetheless. Map-work s***ed again. I’ll be getting an 73+/80. That’s quite good to be honest, but, I had my heart set on 75+ and coming first in social.

  Anyway, with social out of the way, I won’t have to spend anymore sleepless nights. Science, Math, English, they’re all easy-peasy. LOL!

 Hindi’s like social! I never know how I’ll do in the exam. Anyway, I want to get above 72 in it. That’s a big ask. Really. But, I’ll get there. After all, I’m MIT-stuff. LOL!

 Anyway, on this opportune moment, I’d like to disclose my personal goals for the pre-finals.
Math – 79+/80 – Get 80/80 would be a dream come true but then, it never happened yet.
Science 76+ -- It’s easy. With a bit of studying. And, added to that, I’m MIT-stuff. :D
English : 74+ -- ….Will need to spend some time on Grammar and hope that the comprehension is easy.
Social – 73+ -- …..aah..wrote it today. Anything lower will not be tolerated by me :P
Hindi : 72+(74+ actually) … Well, will need to do a lot-lot work today.

So, that’s it for now. I’m going to switch into ‘study-mode’ now. Hindi…..

Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick with my plans for an all-nighter. Study till 3AM. Sleep till 7:30. Go write exam. Easier said than done Adarsh.

Until Next Time,



  1. Why are all ur subs out of 80 and not 100??

  2. some CCE scheme that's followed in CBSE schools....20 mks are internals..