Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Pau' Nighter

Boring Post.
Really, trust me. It’s boring. Don’t read it.
Stop! Go back!
Do not read!

Alright. I’ll shut up. But, don’t blame me when you realize that this was a crappy blogpost.

It was a weird night, a really weird night.

 Well, today was my science exam and yesterday was a preparation holiday so, I was doing just that, preparing.

  I started at 11 Am and well, I went on studying till 6:30 pm. I did a check on my progress and to my dismay, I’d just finished with 3 lessons, there were still 5 more remaining. I was like ‘What the!’ I contemplated on an all-nighter but, went on studying. Really, I prepared a lot for the exam today. Haven’t done that in ages.

Soon it struck 10:15 and I still had a few more chapters to revise. I’d finished them actually but I felt like that was not enough, I had to study more.

I kept my iPod Touch for charging on my laptop which was on my bed. I decided to just lie on the bed, you know, just for a small nap. With my laptop and iPod on my bed, it wasn’t a comfortable one so, I assumed that I would wake up soon.

 I opened my eyes. Darkness all around. I quickly sat on my bed with my eyes straining to look around. Quickly pressed the home button on my iPod. It read ’12:54 am’. I was like “What the! I slept. Damn!”
I instantly switched on the light. I realized that my laptop was still on and my iPod was still getting charged. The battery was already full so I unplugged it and switched off the laptop and removed it from my bed. Then, I sat on my table to study.

 I studied for like 10 minutes and then switched on the music. Woke up again, studied for a bit more time and then slept again. 

Woke up, slept.

 Woke up, slept.

 Woke up, slept.

I literally woke up like 6-7 times. I mean, I wasn’t in control of myself. Half my mind said “Study” the other part said “What you’ll study? Go back to sleep.”

Finally, at 6:30 something, I decided that I’ve had enough. I actually woke up(for once) and started getting ready for school.

To be honest, I know that I haven’t written this blog-post properly and you could understand close to nil. But, really, I couldn’t find words to explain myself.

....But, it was an amazing experience. My science exam went quite good as well :)

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